The Only Walls For Me | Yonkers, New York Family Photography

Inviting a photographer to come into your home and document life as it is, can be a scary thing. In your eyes, your house may not be perfect enough, not at all like a Pinterest post or a page out of the Pottery Barn catalog. While Pinterest and Pottery Barn may look perfect and pretty, what they lack, however, is the heart embodied by a well-loved home.

When Gina and I first began talking about me coming over and photographing her family one morning, she was a little nervous about it. With three small kids at home and both parents working, there is still a lot that she said they need to do in the home they moved into just two years ago. "It's a fixer upper" she kept telling me. "I'm a little embarrassed". I assured her that the camera would not see the flaws that she did, and that the session would be easy and fun.

I think you'll see from the pictures that the camera captured NONE of what Gina was anxious about, and only happiness, heart and immense love. This family, and their home, are overflowing with it. 

So when you are making all the excuses in your head about why you cannot do an in-home session, I implore you to reconsider. Take a look at the moments here - this brief time when the kids are just THIS age, and how important their safe place, their home, is to them. This will be their history, your history, and it deserves to be not only preserved, but treasured.

And for a look at the whole session, here is the slideshow story...

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