52 Weeks of Portraits | Long Island, NY Children's Photographer

My 52 Week Project is a portrait project that documents the growth of my children. For each of their first years, I did a photo a day project of each of them... this is a simpler continuation of that. One portrait a week for the year - not your typical "sit and smile at the camera" portraits, but "environmental portraits" - photographs of my children, taken in their element, documenting this moment in their lives.

I try to write a few short words about each child under their portrait to record any details or milestones of the week.

This project was inspired by a gorgeous blog called You Are My Wild

At the end of each year, I make a memory book of the year's portraits.

Logan - Age 2, Week 1

You survived a weekend without me and even slept through the night once after I got home! You had your 2 year old well check and now weigh 25 lbs and are 36 inches tall. You are lean mean machine! 

Lila - Age 4, Week 31

Your end of the year pre-K celebration/graduation was a happy and at the same time, sad day. We will miss all of your amazing friends so much next year (and their moms!). On to new adventures!