Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It was such a busy week here! This month is crazy for us, with school winding down, field trips, graduation, a weekend away for me, birthdays, birthday parties, family visits, and finishing up our basement. I am looking forward to the day I can sit in the backyard with a beer and exhale... maybe two more weeks - eye on the prize!

Monday was Memorial Day - we went to a cute little small town parade upstate and headed back home to Long Island after lunch.

Watching the parade.

Clapping as the marching bands walk by.

A final game of chess (well, Logan's version of chess!).

Lila and her Riley dog.

Back to school on Tuesday after a long weekend! Lila and her friends were excited to show off the books they made of illustrations from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Our playdates on the hill after school continue to be a daily tradition. These kids are going to miss each other so much! Most are headed off to kindergarten in the fall.

As always, daily shenanigans at home. Lila and Logan waiver between loving each other one minute and beating the crap out of each other the next. Ah, siblings.

The latest "fun activity" is stripping all their clothes off and jumping on the couch "like Tarzan". Okay then. To be fair, our air conditioning was acting up this week.

On Thursday, Lila's class went on "The Great Train Trip" - the famous end-of-year field trip at her school that sends the four year olds out with a bang (Lila is returning for another year of pre-K next year - she has a late November birthday). We all met at the Long Island Railroad station in Mineola at 9am and took the train to Oyster Bay to the beach. It was a blast. Memories these kids will have forever!

Everyone keeps saying that eventually Eric's company will be called "Saccoccio & Daughter". Lila loves helping her dad with projects... like fixing the towel bar!

Trying to make a break for it!

Logan is quite the singer and dancer. It makes all of us laugh so hard :)

What a cheeseball.

It POURED yesterday! We watched the crazy downpour from the living room window. Monsoon season, I guess!

Nap time.

Watching the rain from Panera (can I tell you how annoyed I am that Panera got rid of the Asian Chicken Salad!?!?!).

And that was our week!