Friday Round-up | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

TGIF! Everyone ready for an awesome holiday weekend? I have no idea what we are doing on the 4th yet, but I'm thinking we have some grilling, some beer and some fireworks in our future. Maybe all from our own backyard!

Before you head out for your weekend adventures... a few reads for your Friday:

Summer reading picks for moms and kids.

Putting this 15 minute Lo Mein on the meal plan for next week. It had me at "15 minute".

19 fine art photographers describe their daily routine.

RIP Bill Cunningham. New York City won't be the same without you. The NY Times obituary.

Bill Cunningham on Bill Cunninham.

Another TWIP family episode with Zalmy Berkowitz. Can't wait to listen!

Everything in this meal planning post sounds delicious.

Living in a playdate society... this made me sad. Hoping we meet some kids in the neighborhood when Lila starts elementary school.

Photographing a trip to France with just the Fuji x100t.

Some tips for underwater photography.

A short film honoring the victims of the Orlando massacre. Heartbreaking.

An extraordinary oral history of Angels in America.

Are you telling me to be helpful or hurtful?

I was thrilled to be a featured artist at Sham of the Perfect yesterday!

* * *

Have a fun weekend everyone!