Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

What a week, right? All I can do is exhale in between tight inhales. As the world around us falls apart, we trudge forward in routine, hoping that small acts of kindness and teaching our kids well will contribute to big change. 

July 4th. We had a few friends over for a BBQ. Watched fireworks from the roof of our garage after the kids went to bed.

On Tuesday I drove over to Port Jefferson with Lila and Logan, and met up with two photographer friends (both coincidentally named Lauren!) and their kiddos. We had a really fun lunch and walk around Port Jeff. It was fun seeing the kids get along so well. Meeting internet photographer friends in real life is such a bonus of being part of the photography community.

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Some random images from around our house this week:

A few snaps from the grocery store... always a good time :)

A few of my muse, Lila.

Nose picker. Ew.

And some of my other muse, Logan.

Some playground time, and running wild on the baseball field. There were dragonflies everywhere as big as birds!

Oh this kid. He makes me laugh :)

And that was our week.

Let's make this next week a better one, okay America?

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