This is TWO | Long Island Children's Photographer

I abandoned Logan's monthly chair photos a couple of months ago because they had become a three-ring circus. Getting this kid to sit still is a major feat. Still, I did want to try to get one last shot of him at age 2 to complete the series. 

This is what it looked like.


- Tall and lean: 75th percentile for height, 20th percentile for weight. Size 6 shoes. Size 4 diapers. Size 18-24 mos clothes.

- Still nursing. He LOVES his "golks" (His word for milk. Although he can actually say "milk" correctly now. But nursing is "GOLKS, PLEASE!".)

- Wakes 1-2 times a night. For "golks".

- Does not thumb suck or have a lovey or pacifier, but recently formed an attachment to Lila's Elsa doll who he sleeps with :)

- Loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club, Super Why, any Leapfrog show, Frozen, Pixar shorts, Minions and Cars.

- Loves to be outside. Loves throwing balls, going down slides and is obsessed with swings. 

- Likes to get dirty. Does not like to get wet.

- Haircuts are a disaster. A hyperventilating, gagging, screaming, raging disaster. I managed to trim his bangs in the tub the other night so now he looks like a Beatle. Or Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.

- Favorite activity: jumping on the couch. Preferably naked. 

- Likes to hit and kick and pull hair and scream.

- Favorite food: cookies and muffins.

- Knows the alphabet, all the letter sounds and can count to 20.

- Has so many words I've lost count and can string up to 4 together in a phrase. Amazing to me.

- Loves to hug and kiss.

- Is so looking forward to going to school. Loves being around other kids.

- Makes his mom, dad and sister SO happy! We love our nugget :)


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