Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

Happy Friday, friends! Another week come and gone. I can't believe we are already halfway through July. How did that happen?

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? It has been so humid here the past couple of days that its been difficult to be outside. Maybe an activity involving water is in our future.

Grab a cup of coffee, because here are your Friday morning reads:

A rare interview with Bill Cunningham

What you need to know about drone cinematography. I admit, I am sort of wanting to get a drone!

25 things to add to your Summer Bucket List. July 14th and I still haven't made our Summer Bucket List. I think we have accomplished quite a few of the activities on this list, though!

What I learned by shooting 100 strangers, by a shy introvert. Such a great read.

This raspberry lemon refresher looks like the perfect summer drink.

The version of The Sound of Silence is really good!

I love everything about this summer manifesto.

The favorite photographs of Obama's official photographer. SO good!

15 NYC restaurants with outdoor kid-friendly dining.

This new reality show about photography looks interesting!

Way to go, Sham of the Perfect!

Loving these camera bags. Coveting the tote.

I love looking at old photos of NYC. More here.

What is next for Hamilton?

Some good resources here for educating yourself on Race and Racism.


Awkward family travel photos. Ha!

20 top female street photographers on Instagram.

The Diane Arbus exhibit is now open at the Met. Can't wait!

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!