Snapshots of Our Week | Garden City Family Documentary Photographer

What a busy and full week around here! I can't believe July is already half over. I'm watching my friends who are doing "100 Days of Summer" projects and as the numbers start to creep past 50 I am inwardly thinking "noooooo!!". Summer cannot already be half over! 

It has been darn hot and humid so being outside for prolonged periods of time has not been for the faint of heart. The kids get all wilty and just want to sit in the stroller. I am making them leave the house at least once a day though. I get stir crazy!

I started off the week with a much-needed trip into the city to see some of my dear friends and former co-workers from "Rock of Ages". We went to see our friend Andre in his current show "Something Rotten". If you haven't seen it, the show was hilarious - we had so much fun screaming for Andre throughout!

Despite the heat on Tuesday, I forced Lila and Logan out of the house and over to Norman Levy Preserve. I am still in awe that this place exists near us. I always feel like I am hiking in Los Angeles or something whenever we are there.

Between outings there was plenty of time at home in the cool of air conditioning!

One afternoon a crazy thunderstorm rolled in with monsoon-like rains, and then just as fast as it arrived, it was gone. We went out for a walk in the sunny aftermath.

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More lazing about at home.

Her look first thing in the morning - hahaha :)

We are all loving Lila's new speech therapy place and her classes. While she is in class, Logan and I go across the street and walk around the mall (which is empty that early in the morning). Its a nice place to walk (i.e. central air!) and then get a Jamba Juice!

On Friday nights this summer, Garden City has been closing their main street and setting up tables for people to gather and eat. There is a theme every week and a band plays. Its really fun! We went this past Friday. The theme was "St Patrick's Day". It was really hot, and Lila and Nana stood in line for about an hour for a balloon animal while Logan played in dirty gutter water. Haha :) At least he kept cool. 

On Saturday we went over to the Nassau Museum of Art to run around. The grounds there are free and they have the coolest sculptures! We brought a picnic and spent a few hours exploring before it got too hot and the only thing to do was to go home for ice cream.

Last night Nana and Pops came over for a BBQ. 

Earlier in the day, Eric discovered a yellow jacket nest down in our side yard. He tried to get rid of it but there were still plenty of yellow jackets buzzing around our dinner. Oh the look of glee on Eric's face though, when he managed to kill one with a steak knife! Haha :)

And that was our week!

Wishing everyone a happy (and breezy!) Monday!

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