Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Happy Friday everybody! What plans do you all have for the weekend? Something fun, I hope! I am working tomorrow but hope to get out for an adventure with the kiddos on Sunday. I can't believe August is almost here!

Alright - how about some Friday reads?

A photographer tests his rights on the streets of London.

The exposure triangle sucks.

Recipe corner: wanting to try these fish tacos, this corn, bacon & parmesan pasta, and this teriyaki bowl!

Saying yes. I need to do this more.

Jackie Kennedy's camera gear is on eBay!

Excited to check out this short form mini series about war photographers.

These portraits of professional Santas in the off-season are great!

Can't wait to go check out the new section of Governor's Island!

We love Lila's play-based preschool. A post on the importance of play.

I love this story about a reporter who found a bag of old slides on a street corner in NYC.

Loneliness belongs to the photographer.

How excited are we about the new Illuminate photography classes!?

Photos of Cleveland during the RNC, by Alex Webb.

Composition in some of the great movies.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!