Snapshots of Our Week | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

We are the midst of quite a heat wave here in New York! Its been a scorcher for days, which has made it challenging to find activities to do that don't cause us all to melt into a puddle! We are muddling through, though. The sprinkler has been getting a workout! I am also really happy with the discovery of walking around the mall before any of the stores open in the morning! Lila's new speech therapy place is across the street from our big mall, so after I drop her off in the morning, Logan and I go over to the mall and do a little power-walking. Its empty, its air-conditioned and Starbucks and Jamba Juice are both open early! It has been great!

On Monday we went over to Rath Park for a Darlene Graham concert with Lila and Logan's cousins, Lucy and Charlotte. Lila was called up to play the maracas with Darlene. She had a very serious expression on her face the whole time, but she did it!

On Tuesday, Lila and I walked over to the library to get some books while Logan napped. We walked by Lila's future elementary school on the way there!

I had to work on Wednesday and Saturday, and in between there was plenty of time spent indoors. Thank goodness for central air!

Later in the week, we broke out the sprinkler. Best way to beat the heat!

On Friday night, we went into town for "Friday Night Promenade". The theme was "Christmas in July". It was the first time I had gone by myself with the two kids and it was HARD. Massive meltdown in line for the Frozen bouncy castle. Whew. 

I worked on Saturday, and then we had a nice, lazy Sunday!

And that was our week! Happy Monday, everyone!

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