Friday Round-up | New York Photographer

Happy Friday everyone! We are headed off Long Island in a few hours for a weekend away. Headed upstate to the woods for some fun with the family. I'm looking forward to some new scenery to photograph! Taking pictures of my kids jumping on our living room couch gets a little boring after you've done it 8000 times! 

But before I head out, I wanted to share all my favorite links from this week around the web with you - so grab a cup and coffee, and let's go!

100 things to do with your kids in NY before they grow up. I've gotta get moving!

This week's recipes to try: parmesan crusted chicken salad with yogurt dressing, mini zucchini pizzas, and grilled brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze.

Vimeo is now offering business accounts.

7 tips for taking documentary photographs.


This is how the camera adds 10 pounds. Stay away from me with that 200mm lens!

Let me remind you fuckers who I am. Heh :) #imwithher

Unconventional photographs of the RNC by Martin Parr.

The manufactured nature of some photojournalism.

Barb! Poor Barb :) (warning: contains spoilers!)

* * *

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

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