Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

It's been a little crazy seeing so many back-to-school photos on Facebook when my kids still have a month before they go back. I know it will be here before we know it though, so I am determined to make the most of our last weeks. How did you send your summer out with a bang?

Its a gloomy morning here on Long Island so I am settling down with a coffee and catching up on some reading before we start the day. Here are some of my favorites links from around the web this week so that you can do the same!

One of my favorites - Summer Murdock - on TWIP Family last week. Her class on light is THE BEST.

What do you think about the new Instagram stories? I don't know... I find them strange! Here's a little tutorial from Xanthe Berkeley about how they work.

The amazing Voice collection from this year - please check out all the gorgeous photography (and there may or may not be an image in there of mine!).

What to make for dinner this week? Some delicious ideas in this post.

Do you like having your own photo taken?

Yum - cold sesame noodles - one of my favorites! Excited to try Tracy's recipe!

I love these behind the scenes photos of Robin Williams taken over the years.

15 street photography techniques and tips by the awesome Eric Kim.

New starter layouts for your website by Squarespace.

21 photographers divulge their pet peeves. Some of these are really funny!

I love this beautiful birth session.

First impressions of the video capabilities of the Fuji xt-2.

I love these portraits of Olympians.

Photos of the iconic Route 66.

A beginner's guide to the Canon and Nikon lens abbreviations. Super helpful!

How to capture dynamic slow motion footage.

How to use the clarity slider in Lightroom.

Some pointers on street photography in the rain.

I'm kind of obsessed with her clothes.

I love the compositions of these playground photos.

How to manipulate your audience's emotions with color.

Why mom is never in the pictures. Hilarious and true.

I really love the shapes and lines in these Japanese street photographs.

Why I stopped writing about my children. Definitely something I have thought about.

A post about feminism by President Obama. Oh I will miss him!

How to grow your blog like a boss.

I love these satirical family photographs by Julie Blackmon.

7 tips to increase engagement on Facebook.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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