Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Oh my goodness, its been a hot one on Long Island this past week! How is everyone else surviving? Our family has pretty much stayed locked in the house with the central air (which decided to freeze over and stop working yesterday - on the hottest day of the week! Heat index of 104!). I think the heat is supposed to break a little this week... I really hope so, because I'd like to make the most of our last weeks of summer outdoors, not stuck inside watching movies!

We started the week off with some nice, air-conditioned events. It was a relief to finally be able to get Logan out of the house after a feverish week. We hit the library for a new stack of books to read and Target for some new drawing pads.

Drawing is a huge, huge activity in our house. I am in awe of how good Lila is getting. And Logan loves to draw (aka scribble) too. He is enamored with colors, shapes, numbers and letters at the moment.

Waking Logan up from his nap - hahaha the face! He may be a terrible over-night sleeper (still wakes up to four times a night), but he naps like a log. I usually have to wake him up after about two-and-a-half hours, otherwise he would keep right on sleeping.

Hot days mean lazy days.

We did venture out a few evenings after dinner, when the sun wasn't quite so intense. This was one night at the community center playground...

There has been a lot of improvising activities at home. One day I overheard "let's play the hitting game!" Okay, maybe let's NOT play the hitting game??? How about Candyland??

Fun with the basement chalkboard.

A walk around the block. Lila wanted to push Logan in his red car. Fine with me!

Helping with some weeding.

Breakfast on the couch. I've given up. This poor couch.

Somehow I've bred a couple of drama queens. Here is Logan exhibiting how hard it is to be two.

A Friday trip to Panera for lunch - it had been a while! 

Francesca Russell Photography | Long Island Family Documentary Photography | Silly boy

Headed home on a swampy, rainy, hot day.

Francesca Russell Photography | Long Island Family Documentary Photography | Kids in the car

Around the house this week:

On Thursday we went over to Oyster Bay to go to the beach at Theodore Roosevelt Park. We arrived, hauled all of our crap down to the beach and then were told by a life guard that we couldn't go in the water because it was contaminated by the storm the previous night. What??? It was a billion degrees out so not going in the water was not an option for us. We hauled all of our stuff back out to the street and walked the long way 'round (sorry Jenn!) to the beach next door, which for some reason was not contaminated, even though its the same water?? I don't know. Whatever. We went swimming.

Another after-dinner stroll... off to see the bunnies at Adelphi!

Lila and I escaped for a quick frozen yogurt date one afternoon while Logan napped.

Lila and I were playing one afternoon and we saw this cool rainbow light coming in from the front door. We took pictures of each other :)

Yesterday our air conditioner crapped out. So we made do with fans, curtains closed, very little clothing and a lot of laying around watching movies. Fingers crossed the A/C guy can get out to us this week to fix it!

And that was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!

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