Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

Summer is headed to a close and we are savoring its last days - although I am also SO ready for school to start! If we are not out doing something, the kids are thoroughly bored with being home. It's time for them to be back in school with their friends (and I am secretly looking forward to having my afternoons back!). For the next two weeks though, we are jamming in all those activities that make summer so special here on Long Island. Starting with Jones Beach!

The humidity finally broke on Monday and it was a gorgeous breezy day. I threw the kids in the car, and off to Jones Beach we went. I can't believe this was our first visit this summer! It was almost a little too windy (we got slammed by someone's flying umbrella), but Lila had a great time splashing in the waves, and it was lovely to be out and not dying of heatstroke!

The days are growing shorter, but we are still trying to get outside every night after dinner. Its a nice way to end the day (and tire out the kids before bed!).

Our nightly walks are one of my favorite things about summer.

Hanging around home. Occasionally the kids get along, but more frequently they are beating each other up. Sigh. Two and Four are challenging ages!

One day we headed out to the playground (but it was too hot to stay for long), Panera for lunch, and then over to the house Eric and his dad are working on. The kids love hanging out there. Didn't you play with rusty nails when you were a kid? :)

Francesca Russell Photography | Long Island Family Photographer | In the car

In for the evening. Winding down with the LeapPad.

Serious artwork being created here.

Thank goodness for playgrounds, right? We are so lucky to have a few within walking distance of our house. Such a great way to burn off energy!

Logan discovered the magic of ketchup this week. So that makes, like, five foods he will eat now? Ugh. Meal times are the most angsty times of day in this house. Such picky eaters.

And finally, a few random snaps from last night. Oh that late summer light! Its the best.

And that was our week, folks.

Hope you all have an awesome Monday!

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