Snapshots of Our Week | Nassau County Family Photographer

Well this week ended up being the antithesis of last week, that's for sure! Logan came down with a fever on Monday which lasted until Friday! So we were house-bound for the whole week, except for getting Lila to and from her speech classes. I think that might have been the longest illness on the books so far! Poor little guy. His fever broke on Friday and by Saturday he was sporting an awesome rash. Oh boy! A call to the doctor confirmed that he was no longer contagious, though, so we were able to attend a big family BBQ yesterday with relatives from all over Nassau County. Whew! What a relief to get out of the house!

The week started out not-so-bad. I thought Logan felt a bit warm on Monday, but he was acting fine, so I shrugged it off. It wasn't until Tuesday that the full-on fever set in (and with it lots of crying and whining and needing to be held). On Monday though, he was still full of energy - which meant the usual - siblings beating the crap out of each other all day long. Man was I happy when wine o'clock rolled around!

Francesca Russell Photography | Nassau County Family Photographer | Kids playing on the couch

Do I win some sort of anti-Mom of the Year award for taking pictures of them fighting instead of breaking it up? Sometimes you just have to let them work it out themselves!

By Tuesday it looked like this around here:

Poor little Logan. He was a miserable, exhausted, little floppy mess. 

So the next few days we were confined to the house.

Wednesday was Pops' birthday. We celebrated with a small BBQ at our house. Unfortunately Logan hit his head and choked on a hot dog, which made him puke right as everyone arrived. Oh man, poor kid. So I took one photo and then I ended up in the house with him the whole evening while everyone else hung out in the backyard.

On Thursday I went to Queens for a 12 hour "A Day in the Life" shoot with some of my dearest friends from the "Spamalot" tour. I will be sharing their gallery and family film very soon! 

Friday and Saturday were again spent indoors, but Logan's fever did break finally after nap. And then Saturday he woke up with a crazy pink rash. The doctor said it was just the virus leaving his body though and not to worry. 

Lila and I made some orange juice popsicles. Yum!

On Saturday evening we went for a walk. Hurray! Free from the house!

On Sunday, Lila helped me make a trifle for Eric's family's BBQ. If you haven't tried the red, blue and white trifle from Skinnytaste, you have to! It is the PERFECT summer dessert. I make it for every BBQ!

We went over to Eric's aunt's house yesterday afternoon for a big family BBQ - it was a lot of fun and so nice to see everyone! The food was amazing, and the kids had a great time. Logan was still a bit low energy, but 90% back to his usual self.

And that was our week! Looking forward to a healthier, happier week, with much time spent outdoors!

Happy Monday everyone.

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