In These Moments: September | Long Island Storytelling Photographer

For the September edition of our blog circle "In These Moments" (a group of storytelling photographers exploring a theme every month), we decided to tackle the theme "traditions". 

When I think of "traditions", my mind flies immediately to the holidays - Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since it is still nowhere near that time of year, I thought to myself "what other traditions do we have?". Traditions of the more everyday kind... 

The first thing that came to mind was "walks". Going for a walk  is something I have done almost daily with my kids since they had the ability to walk! In the summer, we usually go out after dinner, to burn off some energy before bed. I document our walks so frequently that I even started a hashtag for them on Instagram (#walkswithlila, #withswithlilaandlogan)! As the days grow shorter and the evening light begins to fade earlier and earlier, we adjust our walks to other times of day. Sometimes I put Logan in the stroller and we walk to pick Lila up from school. Other days Logan and I walk around the mall in the mornings while Lila is in her speech classes.

Whatever the time, whatever the place, this time to clear heads, get some fresh air, move our bodies, and connect with each other, is a favorite daily tradition. 

A few photographs of our walks over the years...

What sort of everyday traditions does your family have? I'd love to hear about them!

Now follow the circle around to see what the theme "tradition" means to Laura!

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