Snapshots of our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

The day is here! Back to school! The kids have seriously been itching to get back into a routine, and wanting to see their friends everyday again, and I am looking forward to it, too. Logan is starting a two day a week playgroup today (1 and 3/4 hour sessions) at the same school as Lila, and I think he is going to love it. I'll spend the next week or two going with him until he is ready to be dropped off. Lila starts pre-K this afternoon. She is doing a second year of it since she has a late birthday (November). She is in the other pre-K classroom this year, though, and has new teachers and mostly new classmates (3 of her classmates from last year are also returning). Although she told me last night that she "misses Coco" (her best friend who moved out to Suffolk county and is starting kindergarten), I know she will make some great new friends. I have been so impressed lately at how brave she is getting about playing with new kids, whether it be at the playground or at her speech classes. 

This past week, I had to work two days in the city at "Kinky Boots" and on Saturday I had a full day "Day in the Life" shoot in New Jersey. The kids had a fun couple of days with Nana, but otherwise it was a fairly low-key week for them.

We were all prepared for a hurricane to show up for Labor Day, but luckily it passed us. It was a bit windy and then it got REALLY muggy again. We've been hiding from the humidity indoors. Understandably the kids are bored - another reason why we are happy school is starting up - something to do! 

Our evening walks continue... although the days are getting shorter and the light is fading faster and faster. Soon they will be no more :(

We went to Panera a couple of times for lunch. We don't go much during the school year so enjoying it while we can!

A few photos taken on the streets of NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday:

While I was waiting for my friend Fran to get out of her show ("Waitress") so we could go and have lunch, I saw Nick Cordero (who I toured with for a year on "Rock of Ages") signing autographs. Once a rock star, always a rock star :)

We hit the playground a few times this week, including Friday, when we met a few of the kids who will be in Lila's class this year. It was hard for me to watch Lila trying to make friends with a group of kids who are already all friends (they weren't super inclusive)... hopefully it won't take too long to make friends with them at school. She's a brave girl, Lila. I was really proud of her. I'm also glad that three of her old classmates from last year will be in her class this year. It will be a good mix of old and new. We met Lila and Logan's teachers Friday morning at parent/teacher conferences. Lila's new teacher seems really nice, and Logan has Mrs. Hoera, who was Lila's teacher her first year of preschool. We love her! Lila also started her new individual speech classes on Friday, and she had a really good time with her new therapist, Miss Ruth.

Lila and I had an ice cream date yesterday while Logan napped. I love special outings with my girl!

And that was our week! I hope everyone is having a smooth transition back into the fall routine... happy Monday to you!

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