Baby Andie - A Story in Motion | Astoria, Queens Family Films

Those first few days and weeks at home with a brand new baby are so special - even while walking through a sleep-deprived haze, your life forever changed by this little being. I barely remember those first days at home with Lila, even though they were only five years ago. How I wish I had been more diligent then about recording those precious fleeting moments!

When Ashley contacted me about creating a film for their family just a few days following the birth of their daughter, Andie, my first reaction was "are you sure you'll be up to it??". Every birth is so different, and although I was raring to go after having Logan, my recovery from Lila's birth took a little longer. Ashley assured me that she would be fine, and so I agreed - and I am so glad that I did! When I see tiny Andie in the video - her little hands and feet, the way she still curls up into a ball when she is held - I realize what a treasure this film will be. Babies grow SO fast (as evidenced by the giant children I am currently sitting next to!) and it all goes by in a blink of an eye. 

Here are a few photos and the "story in motion" of the morning I spent with the Easteadt family, just 12 days after Andie's birth. An ordinary morning of a family adjusting to life with two children, walking big brother Bowe to daycare while enjoying those sweet newborn moments with baby Andie.

And the film of the family's morning:

If you are interested in a "Story in Motion" of your own family, you can find all the details here and more examples of my films here. Record moments in time that include motion and sound, along with imagery of your beautiful everyday life!

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