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This past week kicked off with the first day of school! Both Lila and Logan are going this year: Lila is doing another year of Pre-K (she has a late birthday) and Logan is starting Playgroup. Logan's classes are Monday and Thursday mornings for an hour and 45 minutes, and Lila goes in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Between school and Lila's speech services, it is a lot of running around, but both kids are happy to be back in the swing of things. Despite the sullen faces in the photos below, they both had a great first week.

The problem with being a documentary family photographer is that when you ask your kids to pose for a picture, they refuse! (or at least refuse to pose nicely!)

I made another attempt to get a decent picture after school. No dice.

Logan's first day went great. The kids' school has a slow immersion process, so although I was able to drop Lila off pretty quickly (this being her third year there she is pretty comfortable there now), I am still attending class with Logan. He seems pretty happy though, so I'm hoping by next week I'll be able to drop him off.

I love getting photographs of the kids all together. The dynamic just makes me laugh. I am already planning their Pre-K graduation slideshow :) Here they are lining up to go in for snack. I was impressed with how well they did!

Singing "We are the Dinosaurs" before going in. Logan is unsure.

Trying to figure out the Play Doh tools.

Still not used to following rules and directions yet. Sitting at a table is hard!

Lila had a good first day, too. She loves all her new teachers, especially Mrs. Knoch (she is pulling the wagon below). She misses her best friend (who moved away and is starting kindergarten this year), but hopefully she'll make new friends soon.

One day after school we went over to the baseball fields to run around a bit. Mistake! The kids are exhausted after school! So crabby! We only stayed for a minute and then headed home.

The weather is starting to cool down a bit (although yesterday was hot and humid), and we've had a few rainy days. Fall is on the way.

Thursday at school was fun, too. I was the participating parent in Logan's class, so I brought the snack. Logan barely paid attention to me all session :)

Logan wasn't as cooperative about lining up on Thursday.

And still unsure of "We are the Dinosaurs".

Playing with tinker toys. Seeing Logan at these tables, its hard to imagine we first brought him into this classroom when he was 10 days old!

Lila has been the only kid running on the grass afterschool. Her new classmates haven't figured out yet that its the thing to do!

Collapsing with the TV after school.

Headed out for a walk. We are getting our evening walks in while we can. The sun is setting around 7pm these days.

There's nothing like going for a walk, and then three blocks from home your four-year-old yells so all the neighborhood can hear "The poop is coming out of my butt!!". We did make it home in time!

Francesca Russell Photography | Long Island Documentary Family Photographer | running home

On Saturday we went over to Hicks' Nursery. Their Halloween and Christmas displays are up!

And that was our week! Happy Monday, everyone!

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