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We are back into the full swing of fall - school and other activities filling our days. Logan's second week in playgroup was great - they are such an even-tempered group of kids, and I'm amazed at well they are all following directions, even just a few days in. They even had a rainy day where they had to spend the whole session indoors, and all the kids remained engaged and happy. Logan loves it.

While I was at school with Logan (I think this morning might be the last day I have to stay with him), Lila spent her mornings with Daddy and Pops at a house they are renovating a few blocks from the nursery school. She loves helping them there. She proudly showed me jars of screws and nails she had sorted when I picked her up on Thursday.

Lila's speech sessions and social skills group are going really well. We really like her new speech therapist. We have a meeting next week to see about adding another speech session and physical therapy into the mix. On top of that, I really want to enroll her in swimming - and I would love to get Logan into a gymnastics class. Now we just need to win the lotto to pay for all these classes! Lila went to a birthday party at the local gymnastics place yesterday and she loved it. It was good for her to have to try walking on the balance beam and climb through the foam pits. All good work for her core and gross motor skills. 

The weather the past two days has been a tad chilly in the mornings. I am so glad that fall finally seems to be on its way to Long Island! I am ready to say goodbye to the humidity - and the mosquitoes!

The kids have been enjoying "playing on the grass" after school - a tradition that was begun last year. Only a few of the other kids have picked up that "this is what we do!" - but I have no doubt that before long there will be crowds of them playing along after school as well.

Logan is as obsessed as ever with sticks.

Tuesday was Eric's birthday. We invited Nana, Pops and Dana over for dinner and cake. 

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset!

They are forever jumping on my poor couch. Logan needs a gymnastics class. Stat.

It's been a challenge to remember to take photographs this week amidst all the running around. Usually its dinner time and I remember "oh I need to take my daily photo!"... so inevitably I end up with a lot of photos of the kids eating dinner or watching TV. Not very interesting - but it is what it is at the moment!

One night Logan went out in the backyard with Eric and helped him clean some pipe. So cute - he's getting to be such a big boy.

They love each other. They really do :)

I love the late afternoon light in the living room. Even though its creeping earlier and earlier. Not looking forward to it being dark at 4:30pm.

I just bought an old Helios lens. I've only had a few minutes to play with it so far, but I love the bokeh and the dreamy quality it produces. I think its going to be beautiful for video!

Here are a few shots of a sullen Logan taken with the Helios.

Does anyone else loathe bath time? Its the end of the day. I just want to sit on the couch with some wine, and instead I'm trying to squeeze between the potty and the toilet and wash the hair of a child who hates water on his face. Ahhhh - not my favorite!

As I mentioned above - Lila had a great time this weekend at a birthday party for her friend Senja (her mom Jenn and I have known each other for almost 20 years!) at Gold Medal Gymnastics in Garden City. She had so much fun playing on the trampolines and in the foam pits! And now I'm looking into classes there for both Lila and Logan...

And that was our week!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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