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This month's theme for the "In These Moments" blog circle, a collective of storytelling photographers,  is "All Things Summer". We had a really nice (if long!) summer here on Long Island, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to look back at some of the highlights. With school in full swing, beach trips and swimming playdates are now a thing of the past, so I am glad for the moments captured with my camera this summer. Looking back on these photos makes me realize what a treasure documentary photography is: without it, these stories would soon have been forgotten memories, but instead we will hold on to them forever through these images.


Pool Playdates

Between birthday parties and visits to  Lila's best friend's house, we spent a lot of time in the pool this summer, which Lila LOVED. Logan is not a fan of the water, but Lila is part mermaid, I think! She could not get enough of it.

Beach Trips

We didn't actually make it out to the beach as much as I would have liked this summer because it was so hot all of August, but the few days we did go, we had a great time. It is a little challenging trying to take both kids to the beach myself, as Lila loves the water, and Logan hates it, but we managed - and a few times we were able to go with friends or family members, which always makes things easier (divide and conquer!). There is nothing like the sound of crashing waves. The beach is my happy place. I'm hoping we can make a few more trips to Jones Beach this fall before the weather turns cold.

The Beer Garden

Its now become a Father's Day tradition for us to have lunch at the Plattedeutsche Park in Franklin Square. It's such a fun place to sit outside, eat German food and drink pints of beer at picnic tables while the kids run around. We ended up there a few times this summer for weekend meals. Some weekends they have live music, and sometimes a carousel and fun slide for the kids. On Father's Day, Lila must have gone down the fun slide a hundred times! Definitely recommend checking out the Plattedeutsche if you are in the area!

Seventh Street Promenade

On Friday nights during the summer, 7th Street in Garden City shuts down from 6-10pm and there is live music, games for the kids, and tables set up in the street for people to sit and have dinner from the local restaurants. Every week there is a theme. We had such a great time spending our Friday nights there this summer - such a fun idea to get the community together each week!

Backyard BBQs

The backyard BBQ is a summer staple! We love having family and friends over to grill and hang out, whether its for a specific celebration, or just an ordinary night. We had a BBQ for Logan's 2nd birthday, a family reunion BBQ in the backyard at Eric's aunt's house in Bellmore, and plenty of other impromptu grilled dinners throughout the summer. Its always sad when we have to throw the grill cover on for the winter and becomes too chilly to spend evenings outside (I won't miss the mosquitos though!).

Visit from Granny and Pea

My parents came to visit in June, and that was definitely a highlight. We went on a lot of fun day trips and Lila and Logan had fun spending time with "Granny and Pea".

Day Trip "Adventures"

Lila's Nana has been getting the kids excited for "adventures" since they could understand what the word "adventure" means. Lila often asks on a weekend "Can we go on an adventure today?". We made time for lots of adventures this summer, exploring different parks and reserves and all that Long Island has to offer.

Backyard fun at home

We took as much advantage of backyard time at home as we could this summer. Lots of time spent in the sprinklers, the kiddie pool, the sandbox and playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. It is such a bonus to have that outdoor space come summer when the weather is warm enough to spend hours and hours out there. 

Evening walks and visits to the baseball fields

I wrote about our evening walks last month as part of this circle. They are one of our favorite everyday summer traditions. As is visiting the playground and baseball fields behind the Garden City pool. Many an evening spent there, running around on the grass and the tennis courts, and exploring the mini golf course. A staple of summer.


And finally, Copake. We had a couple of wonderful weekends upstate, visiting the lake, playing down by the pond, and spending time at the house and in the woods with Nana and Pops. Lila and Logan love it there. 

* * *

It was definitely a summer for the books. Much enjoyed, many memories made. 

Now fall has arrived, and we have new memories to make! Bring on the apple-picking, the pumpkin carving, the Halloween costumes and the leaf piles. We are ready!

* * *

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