Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island & New York City Family Photographer

Last week was one of those weeks when I didn't take many photos. I'm finishing up taking three photography classes (maybe not the best idea to take them all at the same time!) and I had one session, so I didn't do a lot of personal shooting. We did have a fun week, though - trying to fit in all the fun things Long Island and NYC have to offer before school starts next week!

The week started off in some of our usual favorite places: Target and the library.

Lazy mornings. One of the best things about summer.

The first thing I saw one morning: spaghetti noodle stuck to the kettle. It made me laugh!

One evening Lila went for a ride to Home Depot with Eric, so I took Logan out for a walk. We went over to Adelphi (the college down the street) for a bit. The new buildings there are really beautiful.

Logan insisted on walking home (instead of getting in the stroller). It took forever since he had to stop and look at every leaf and stick! He is a really good walker, though. He probably walked a mile that night!

An evening at the playground. Eric came with us!

On Wednesday we drove out to Sands Point Preserve to go to the little beach there. When we arrived I was surprised to see that there is no longer access to the part of the beach we used to go to - the beach is totally washed out and the water comes all the way up to the cliffs. Luckily there is a small beach on another part of the property, so we went over there. Apart from some annoying bees, we had a really nice time. The water there is so calm, so Lila can go in by herself. And the weather was beautiful that day.

Back at home for the evening. Lila and Logan are obsessed with these little mini ice cream cones you can get at the grocery store. A day can't end without one for each of them!


Watching Dad park the truck.

On Friday we went to the Bronx Zoo with Nana. The kids were pretty good until lunch time, and then they were CRABBY for the rest of the afternoon. I'm not sure what the deal was with them that day, but it was not fun!

Hanging around the house last night, waiting for a hurricane (that isn't coming now?)

And that was our week! 

This week will be packed. I am working three days and we have parent/teacher conferences on Friday, plus Lila's speech classes start up again. Then school next Monday!

Have a restful Labor Day everyone!

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