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This year is getting off to quite a slow start. We can't seem to kick the germs around here. It's been dreary and alternating rain and snow outside. Indoors we have set up camp in the living room, with tissues and blankets and water bottles and the humidifier. I am counting down the days until Spring when I can throw open the windows and air this place out. I'm ready to see my kids healthy and back to their routines. I'm ready to get back to mine, too.



It was your turn this week. I've never seen you so sick. In fact, when we went to the doctor yesterday, it was only your second sick visit ever - the first time was for the croup when you were a year old. We found out you have strep throat, so at least we have medicine now to help make you well. In the meantime, we are camped out in our living room wellness center - with all the kids tv shows, mommy hugs and tissues you need. It is the most difficult thing to see the people you love not feeling well. I look forward to sunnier days, when we will spend hours outside, breathing in the fresh air, and these depressing gray days will be long forgotten.


Even in sickness, you want to create. The imagination flows from your fingertips onto the paper in rainbow colors. You draw a place that is brighter than this room. Filled with flowers and unicorns and rainbows. A magical place where sickness doesn't exist. I want to wish you into that drawing. Transport you away from this winter, these dark weeks. But alas, I have no magical powers. There are no unicorns in our living room to whisk you away. So for now I will take comfort in the few moments of escape you have found. Safe and sound with your imagination and your art.


We have been trying to keep the two of you apart as much as possible these past few weeks in order to keep you from infecting each other with whatever the illness of the week is. You miss each other though. Logan was wandering around the house like a lost little soul while Lila spent a few days with Nana and Pops. And Lila, you missed Logan when he was sleeping in the living room instead of instead of in the bedroom with you. You made me keep the light on all night because you were scared of the dark without Logan there with you. On Monday I gave you a bath on your own, which never happens, and Logan came in and sat with you. The love between you, although sometimes difficult to see through the daily squabbles, is most definitely and strongly there. A bond for life. What a silly mommy I've been. I should have known that although I can try to separate you, you will never be apart. Two halves of the same heart.


if only the Target people know how much more Target is to us than just a store. For us it is an escape, a playground, an amusement park, a discovery museum, a treasure trove. When we need to get out of the house, but it is too cold to be outside, we go to Target. When we need to go somewhere air conditioned, we go to Target. When we need a pick-me-up, we go to Target. When we are bored, we go to Target. When we need an art pad, some cheese and a sweatshirt, we go to Target. When we've been stuck in the house for two weeks and the fog of sickness is finally starting to lift, the first place we go is Target. Target is so much more than a store. It's an oasis.


There are a million Pinterest moms out there who make baking with kids look like a fun, bonding activity. Matching aprons with embroidered names, cheerful smiling faces, taking turns measuring out ingredients. I'm here to tell you this is all a load of crap. In this house, at least we have moved on from the screaming tantrums when the discovery is made that cookie dough actually has to go in the oven for ten minutes before it becomes cookies. Now we are in the "I do it!" phase, where flour and eggs are slopped all over the floor or flung across the room, and when the baked cookies finally, blissfully are finished, they are met with the words "Mom, your cookies are gross". 

I give up. Chips ahoy forever.

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