Snapshots of Our Week | Photographing My Family's Everyday Life

The kids had Monday off for Columbus Day (do we really still celebrate that holiday??) but it was rainy out, plus both kids were snotty and coughing. Three day weekends are nice, except when the weather is crap... then parents from coast to coast are wishing for school to start back up asap! I know I was! And then of course, both kids missed another two days of school because of these colds, so let's just say we were all going a bit bonkers by mid-week! Talk about stir crazy!!

On Tuesday we went over to Hicks Nursery to get a few small pumpkins to take to a playdate on Sunday. Hicks is nice during the week - no big crowds. We wandered around and looked at all the holiday decorations and picked up a few Halloween items for our porch.

As soon as the rain cleared up, I made Lila and Logan go back outside and take advantage of the warm weather. It was still pretty humid and warm last week. It's only been in the past couple of days that temps have started to drop.

Both kids definitely COULD have gone to school on Tuesday and Wednesday, but poor Lila was up all night coughing so was so tired in the mornings. I just let her sleep. (Logan only missed Tuesday).

Wednesday was Logan's "special day" at school. I came with him and stayed all session as the "participating parent". It's so nice to see how much he loves school. 

On Thursday Lila started Girl Scouts! I failed to get a decent shot of her in her Daisy tunic, but there's always next time, right? She loved it! I was a little afraid that the meeting time being right when she usually eats dinner might be a problem, but so far so good. We stopped at Burger Bite on our way home to get burgers and fries. Lila keeps asking when her next meeting is - she is so excited for more!

We've had a little companion in our bed on occasion lately. The other night he woke up crying. When I asked him if he had had a bad dream, he said "No, I was crying because I woke up and you were not here". How can I refuse him coming to our bed after that??

On Saturday we went to the local playground and then to 16 Handles for frozen yogurt. Both kids were excited to sit in the window seat and eat their treat.

On Sunday I had a photo shoot early, but then we headed over to our friends' house for a playdate. The kids had a lot of fun, running around, while us moms chatted and caught up. It's so awesome watching our kids grow up together.

Kids sit and eat their ice cream on the front porch.

And the kids' portraits for this week - part of my 52 Week project documenting their lives with a weekly portrait.

Lila - Age 5, Week 49

Logan - Age 3, Week 19

And that was our week!

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