Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Last week started out crazy warm! I felt so bad for Lila - every day at pick up she emerged from the school building flushed and sweaty. They don't have air conditioning in the old classrooms, so they rely on fans during the hot weather. The humidity was terrible. I started sending her to school with extra water and as soon as we got home I sent her off into the sprinklers. 

Luckily toward the end of the week it cooled down a bit, although it is supposed to get hot again at the end of this week.

Even Logan got in on the sprinkler action, and he is not a fan of water! It must have been hot!

Logan is fascinated with the homework that Lila has to do every night. He pulls up a chair and "helps" her. I swear, he will be reading and doing math by the end of the year, too. I found an old Leapfrog preschool activity book for him to  work on while Lila does her homework. He calls it his "homework". 

The warmer weather means that we get to hold on to summer activities a little bit longer. We have still been enjoying scooting around the block on nights when we finish dinner early enough to squeeze some outdoor time in before bath.

Logan has formed an attachment to this apple he picked a week ago up in Copake. He doesn't even like apples, he just find the round shape of this one so pleasing :) He has been carrying it around like a beloved teddy bear.

A little LeapPad time after bath. 

Lila has been playing an online game called "Splash Math" that her teacher sent home a link to. It's amazing watching these kids play computer games and how quickly they pick up using things like a mouse. Even Logan has been joining in. It's a lot different than when I was in school!

More summer evening light. I am not a fan of the humidity, but I am glad that we get to hold on to the summer sunshine a bit longer.

More progress on the porch. It should be finished today. The whole area in front of the door is done, Eric just has to finish laying stones under the window. It looks good!

Remnants of summer at the community park.

On Sunday we drove over to Hicks Nursery to check out their fall festival. It was crowded, but we ran into some friends, and then picked up a few small pumpkins and some scarecrows (which Logan has named Jack and Rosie) for our front yard. The highlight for the kids was sharing a giant M&M cookie :) It was a good time.

And, this week's portraits: part of my 52 week portrait project, documenting Lila and Logan's growth.

Lila - Age 5, Week 47

Logan - Age 3, Week 17

And that was our week!

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