Snapshots of our Week | Family Photography at Home on Long Island

Halloween is on it's way and we have been preparing. Pumpkins carved, spider webs stretched over the front bushes, costumes ready.

We had a rainy start and end to the week, and both kids are still fighting either colds or allergies. Lila stayed home from school on Tuesday, which was just as well because it was pouring rain outside and I wasn't sure how I would manage with my foot still in the slipper shoe from the emergency room.

My broken toe is doing okay. Still really tender, and I wonder when I'll be able to get a shoe on. Right now it's not feeling like anytime soon. I'm trying to come up with some ideas of how to protect the toe inside a shoe... anyone have any ideas? I feel like I need a special clown shoe or something!

Logan's class had their Halloween parade on Wednesday. It seemed so early, but the school likes doing it the week before Halloween so that the parents are able to attend the elementary school parades on the actual day of Halloween for those kids who have older siblings.

Logan dressed as a fudge striped cookie (his favorite cookie). He came up with the costume idea himself and picked out the fabric. He had very specific ideas about what color the actual cookie should be! He looked adorable. His whole class looked great - lots of princesses and super heroes! They sang some Halloween songs for us and then paraded around the playground.

Later that afternoon I went to see the podiatrist and he upgraded me to a big black boot - it looks and feels like a ski boot. It provides much more protection when I'm out, but man, it's heavy! He also told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I could go back to work in appropriate footwear (!)

I've been slowly working on the seasonal change of clothing with Logan. This kid is opinionated when it comes to clothes. I don't know if it is sensory or just stubbornness. He didn't wear a single pair of shorts all summer. Now he won't trade his light jersey pants for anything heavier. There is one sweater he will wear. He will wear long sleeved shirts but the sleeves have to be rolled up (defeating the point). I took him shopping this week and he picked out some gloves and a vest, so he has been wearing those, thank goodness, because the mornings have been getting colder here and I worry about him not being dressed warmly enough at school. They spend the mornings outside on the playground.

The days have felt disjointed since the incident with my foot. And with Halloween parades and doctors appointments and Lila staying home on Tuesday, things feel out of sorts. Looking forward to re-establishing some equilibrium soon.

Lila is still coughing up a storm - this cough arrived on the scene the second week of school and has not left. I took her to the doctor this week and they switched up her allergy medicine, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Logan is still congested too. Some nights Lila and I end up sleeping out in the living room because she is coughing so much. At some point during the night, Logan usually joins us. The big cozy living room bed of pillows is kind of nice.

We carved pumpkins on Sunday (photos to come) - it was the perfect rainy day for it. Logan was completely grossed out by the pumpkin guts, so not much help, but Lila was a good assistant. She designed a zombie pumpkin face and Logan instructed me to carve a scary-faced one.

We've been so lucky that we've had such a beautiful warm fall so far. Logan and I still spend a lot of time during the day outside, soaking up as much of the good weather as we can before the temperatures turn cold.

We went and bought a new big box of sidewalk chalk the other day and the kids went to town decorating the walkways and the driveway.

Saturday was gorgeous. We decided to skip the Halloween crowds at the Queens County Farm, which was plan A for the day, and instead opted for our plan B, which was riding scooters and playing on the playgrounds at Eisenhower Park. We were there for hours and the kids had a great time. Of course we stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home, too!

The colors of fall have finally arrived here on Long Island. 

Sunday we had torrential rain and winds. Knowing that forecast was on the way, we planned for a lovely lazy day. We made a big bed on the floor of the living room and set up camp in front of the TV for most of the morning. We carved pumpkins in the afternoon and I gave the kids haircuts. It wasn't bad for a rainy day!

And here are the kids' portraits for the week:

Lila - Age 5, Week 51

Logan - Age 3, Week 21

And that was our week!

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