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It was a busy week. I didn't pull out my camera much. I have a lot of work at "Hello Dolly" coming up at the end of the month so I have been trying to plow through as much photography work as possible these past few weeks so that I don't go into panic mode trying to pull double duty when those dates arrive.

Did I even tell you I was working at "Hello Dolly"? Though I no longer work full time in theater, I still sub as a stage manager, which means I fill in for the staff stage managers when they take days off or are out sick. I subbed at "Kinky Boots' the past few years, but work there seems to be falling off with changes in the staff, so I was thrilled when my friend Katie called and asked if I'd be interested in subbing at "Hello Dolly". Katie and I worked together on "Rock of Ages" and she is now the 2nd ASM at "Hello Dolly".

I trained in August and have been going in for performances pretty regularly, which has been great. It's a fun show but not too hard - perfect for me! It's nice being around grown-ups again and it's also nice to be back in the Broadway sphere again. I don't really keep up on what's going on in New York theater anymore, so it's fun to go in every now and again and catch up on the "news".

This past week however, I was not at "Hello Dolly". I spent all day Monday in the city, however, filming lessons for a new street photography class that will be taught next year at Illuminate Classes by Jennifer Tonetti Spellman, whose family I filmed last year

We had a blast running all over the city. Jen shot some awesome street photos while I filmed her process. I was exhausted the next day!

Jen in the West Village.

The rest of my week pretty much consisted of driving the kids to and from school, and trying to keep Logan occupied when he was home. He has been obsessed with Lila's homework, so I took him to Lakeshore Learning one afternoon to pick up some workbooks for him to do as "homework" as well.

Most days I forget to take a picture until its dark. 

At Lila's school one morning after drop off. I'm guessing her school was built in 1948?

The days have been growing shorter and shorter, but we are still experiencing very warm, humid days - so one evening, even though it was already dark, I convinced the kids to go out with me for "a spooky walk". We grabbed a couple of flashlights and went for a walk around the block in the dark. It was really fun! Well, really fun until Lila fell down and scraped both knees, but we did convince her, after applying band-aids, to go out for a little longer.

On Friday the kids were not happy campers as I told them we couldn't go to the playground after school because we had to "run an errand". Then I told them the errand was to go and get flu shots, and basically all hell broke loose. Sigh. Being a mom is not for the faint of heart.

Anyway, the next day everyone was recovered, and we went out to get pumpkins.

Later that day we hit the playground.

Eric has been building us a new porch on the front of the house, and with the exception of some decorative brick, it is done! We love it. This weekend he convinced Lila and Logan to help him with some of the brickwork.

Sunday it was rainy and gloomy. We had a lazy day indoors for most of the day.

There was a break in the rain in the afternoon so we ventured out to find some puddles to splash in. It was so humid out!

This week's portraits for my 52 week portrait project, documenting both kids' growth.

Lila - Age 5, Week 48

Logan - Age 3, Week 18

And that was our week!

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