Snapshots of our Week | Lila's Birthday Week

We kicked off the week with Lila's 6th birthday on Tuesday! I let her open a couple of presents the night before since I knew we wouldn't have a lot of time on her birthday morning before school. She was thrilled to receive her first Barbie!

The night of her birthday we had Eric's parents over for a dinner of "meat" (Lila's favorite) and some cake. I took no pictures! I find that on special occasions I generally take very few to no photos as compared with ordinary days. Go figure, right?

I've been taking a still life class, so here is one birthday picture I took - Lila's cake midway done. I ran out of frosting!

The day after Lila's birthday was Logan's "special day" at school. I went and participated in his classroom. It's so fun to see how far the kids have progressed since the first day of school. The day I was there they made a new scarecrow for the hill, and worked on a couple of fun painting projects.

Thursday and Friday Lila stayed home from school with a bad cough. We were both fried from so little sleep.

I got the kids out of the house for a quick walk on Thursday. It is definitely getting colder 'round these parts. We even saw the first snow flurries of the year this morning!

On Friday I went in to Logan's classroom and took photos of them making cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. I am always impressed with the projects the nursery school takes on with the kids - they have more patience than me!

Lila had a rough day on Friday with relentless coughing. We were back at the pediatrician that afternoon. Eric's mom spent the night at our house on Friday as Eric was out of town and I was nervous to be the only adult there that night. I was a little worried we might end up in the emergency room as Lila couldn't seem to catch her breath between all the coughing. We finally got her to sleep sometime after midnight.

Luckily by Sunday Lila was doing much better and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her friends at Muse Paint Bar. The kids painted canvases of two elephants and ate pizza and cake. Lila had a great time!

And that was our week! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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