Snapshots of our Week | L.I. Family Photographer

Our week started off in the office of a pediatric pulmonologist. Lila has had this awful cough since just after school started in September and it had gotten so bad about a week ago that the pediatrician put her on prednisone for the weekend and sent us off to a specialist. After two and half hours of breathing tests and examinations and questions, we were sent home with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and a prescription for antibiotics and an inhaler. Lila is doing much better now!

I consider myself to be a pretty organized person, but all the school events and tasks have been a bit overwhelming for me this year - "dress in pajamas", "bring in a paper towel roll", "milk money is due", "coat drive is next week"... on and on. It's a lot! Anyway, to make a long story short - I screwed up the day of Lila's class Thanksgiving party. I thought for sure it was Wednesday right before Thanksgiving. In fact, I was so sure, that we changed our travel plans for the weekend so that Lila could stay at school on Wednesday to attend this party! I ordered 25 snack bags of Pirate Booty for her class, which did not arrive on time, so I went to Stop and Shop and bought 25 more. Then, wouldn't you know it... Lila comes out of school on Tuesday and says they had their party that day - not Wednesday! So now I feel like the most disorganized flaky mom in the world AND I have fifty bags of Pirate Booty that I don't know what to do with!

Anyway. Since the party ended up being Tuesday, we pulled Lila out of school at lunchtime on Wednesday and headed upstate to Copake to avoid the later afternoon traffic. I saw the podiatrist before we left and he gave me the go-ahead to get back into regular shoes!

Thanksgiving was nice. Relaxed. It was freezing inside so we stuck to the house, which was totally fine by me. We ate lots of food, watched movies, read books. It was a good day.

Lila is turning into quite the Daddy's helper. She helped him split wood for the fire and was really good at manning the machine!

The rest of the weekend was just as peaceful. We went into Great Barrington on Friday and did some window shopping. The holiday decorations are up and it felt quite festive. Back at the house, Eric and his dad continued to clear piles and piles of leaves from the driveway and lawn and burned them in big piles. 

We stopped at the Berkshire Potter on the way home from Great Barrington so that I could pick out a cookie jar for my Christmas present. I pointed out a couple that I liked and then was sent outside so that one could be purchased. Lila and Logan took their job of blocking the front door so that I couldn't peek very seriously!

On Saturday we went into Hillsdale to do some shopping and then went for a walk on the Rail Trail in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. We left early Sunday morning to head back to Long Island to get ready for school the next day.

This week's portraits of the kids:

Lila - Age 6, Week 2

Logan - Age 3, Week 25

And that was our week!

Back to reality and now gearing up for Christmas!

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