Snapshots of our Week | December on Long Island

Here we are, mid-December already!

I ordered a photo book of my 365 project from 2016 from Blurb on Black Friday, and it arrived! It is so awesome to see those 365 photos in print. An entire year documented in one photo a day. I love seeing the passage of time and feel grateful for all the amazing moments we had that year. Lila and Logan loved looking through the book, too!

Mondays and Thursdays are "Logan and Mommy Days". He doesn't have school, so we run errands together and try to keep each other occupied until its time to pick up Lila. I appreciate the slower mornings and Logan is good company. He entertains himself well, and he is always good spirited when we are out and about.

On Tuesday, while Logan was in school, I made myself go out for a walk. It was nice to get some fresh air, get my head out of the computer screen and just exhale. The darker days have been bumming me out, so I went looking for some light (or light-heartedness) in the dark. I always say that photography has opened my eyes to the beauty all around us, even in the most mundane things, and it really is true. I saw that even in these dark gloomy December days, there is still life and color and light and humor out there.

Mid-week, Logan and I went to Williston Park to look for some more Christmas decor for the house. All the stores on Hillside Avenue looked nice and festive.

I am loving all the plants in our house, but I cannot get rid of these annoying little fungus gnats that have made two of the plants their home. I've put gnat nix over the soil, set up yellow sticky cards and have sprayed with a soap spray. I don't know what to try next! Suggestions?

After school most days we still try to hit the playground - even though its cold! The kids really do need to run off their energy before we head home for homework, dinner, etc. 

Lila received her first report card this past week. She is doing so well in school. Logan is also obsessed with Lila's homework and is learning all her sight words and math along with her. He is going to be so bored when he hits kindergarten - he'll already know everything!

Lila went caroling with her Daisy troop on Friday night. They did some crafts at the school first and then walked around the neighborhood, singing at a few select houses. It was a little chaotic: two dozen five year olds running from house to house in the dark (and falling down steps and tripping over electrical wires!), but Lila had fun. She was pretty exhausted afterward. She usually goes to bed at 8:00p but stayed up until 9:30p that night. On Saturday she went to bed at 6:00p without dinner and slept for 13 hours! She woke up refreshed on Sunday though!

Here is her troop. They are a cute bunch and the leaders are fantastic.

We had our first big snow on Saturday! We had already planned to go over to Planting Fields to see the holiday decorations at Coe House and the Poinsettia show - it was even more beautiful in the snow! There were carolers inside the house and they were fantastic. We had fun walking around exploring all the rooms. The kids decorated some cookies. It was a perfect morning.

On Sunday we went over to Stew Leonard's and picked out a Christmas tree. We got a beauty this year - 7 feet tall! 

And that was our week! 

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