The Bogatch Family: A Story in Motion | Long Island Lifestyle Videography

It's funny to watch this fall family film now, as Garden City is newly blanketed in snow. Its hard to believe that this was filmed just six weeks ago - the sun was shining and we were in t-shirts and light sweaters. Another testament to how fast time flies and how quickly life changes.

In the planning stages for this session, mom Marissa described her close-knit family and their current favorite day: "Daddy Day". Husband Keith is a race horse veterinarian and only gets one day off work each week, so the family treasures this special day together and tries to make the most of it.

Marissa also mentioned how much she loves the ages her boys are currently (4 and 7), and although she still revels in being the center of their world, she knows that before long things will change. The boys will grow older and have more going on in their lives. More commitments to school and extracurricular activities, more pull to be with their friends.

Marissa recognized the need to document this very special time in their lives. To create a time capsule to hold on to, documenting a time when her boys were still small, and Mom and Dad were everything to them. This is my very favorite type of film to make, and I hope it proves to be a treasure for years to come.

Here are a few photographs from my morning with the Bogatch Family, followed by their family film. 

If you would like to preserve this time in your family's life with a lifestyle video, please contact me for more information. I would love to document your family's story.

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