Snapshots of our Week | Documentary Family Photographer

We arrived back on Long Island after Thanksgiving in Copake and already holiday decorations everywhere! Long Island does not mess around with their holiday displays! It is kind of awe-inspiring, actually. Logan and I spent some time slowly driving around the neighborhood after we dropped Lila off at school on Monday to see what everyone had accomplished in their yards over the weekend. Let's just say we have some work to do at our house!

Logan and I headed over to Hicks Nursery mid-week to see if we could find any suitable decorations for our front yard since we still had scarecrows up from Halloween! We came home with a metal snowman, Christmas tree and candy cane. Not much, but at least a start! All the Christmas trees at Hicks smelled soooo good! We also brought home a tiny poinsettia and a Christmas cactus.

I think the last of the leaves are finally down. There are huge leaf piles all around town waiting to be picked up. Logan and I did some raking this week in our yard this week. This boy just cannot resist a leaf pile - whether its in our yard, or on the main street in town!

I pulled my iPad out last week for Lila to play with since I had to pull her out of school one day early for a doctor appointment, causing her to miss the allotted iPad time at school. Of course now I have opened a can of worms because Lila and Logan now constantly want my iPad. Any recommendations for good educational apps? 

The days have been overcast lately, so when the sun peeks its head out, you have to take pictures of the light.

I've been trying to cozy things up inside with various light sources besides our ugly overheads. Looking forward to getting the twinkle lights and the tree up.

On Saturday afternoon we ventured over to Old Westbury Gardens. There was a holiday fair going on and the promise of kids' crafts. We arrived too late for the crafts, but we did get a quick visit with Santa (well, Lila did - Logan was terrified and hung on to my coat for dear life!) and we had fun walking around the house and grounds. The house looked beautiful all decorated for Christmas. 

And back at our house on Sunday, more leaf fights!!

I'm just finishing up a fantastic photography class on documentary still life called "Real Life, Still Life" at The Define School. It really has opened my eyes to the "life" behind inanimate objects and I am so excited to keep working on this part of my photography. I feel like I barely got a chance to scratch the surface these past few weeks and I want to keep at it!

That was our week! This week we are hauling out the Christmas boxes and getting into the holiday spirit :) Stay tuned!

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