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We had a lovely, restful winter break last week. The kids were off from school and we had no commitments apart from getting our taxes done last Tuesday. The week consisted of lazy mornings, a few trips to the playground, and then spending the weekend upstate in Copake. The weather Thursday-Saturday was unbelievable - 70 degrees! Saturday night there was a fantastic thunderstorm with quite a show of lightning, sideways rain and giant hailstones, which left us with frigid temps on Sunday, but we were very grateful for those few warms days leading up to it.

Here's a look at a few stories from our week:



Although the two of you bicker a lot, I love seeing how well you play together when you want to. Lila has such a vivid imagination, and Logan is always game to go along with whatever fantasy she has dreamed up. You both play parts and act out the elaborate plot lines. I love that you not only have each other, but that you seem to really appreciate (for the most part!) having each other, and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Always lean on each other, my loves. Never forget that bond.

"The Bug Fighting Battalion"

For being the big sister, you sure are a chicken when it comes to bugs. Thankfully little brother is there to step in and help you out. Protect you from the creepy-crawler enemy. The bug-fighting battalion, armed and ready with their swatters. Look out, flies!

"Morning at 'The House in the Woods'"

It starts with a sliver of orange sunlight growing long against the wall of the room where you sleep. One of you wakes and then rouses the other. Then I either hear soft cries of "Mom!" while you wait for me to come to you, or you just pitter patter into our room and get me up yourselves. We tiptoe upstairs, trying not to wake the rest of the house. I put on a Disney movie and we watch the sun grow brighter over the hills and cast a golden glow onto the porch. I make some coffee and we rest on the blue sofas, cozy and warm, excited for the day ahead.


On Saturday Nana wasn't feeling well, so we headed out on our own for an adventure.  I did my best navigating the roads of Copake and the surrounding area, and found us a new place to explore - a place called "The Circle Museum". The Circle Museum is on a plot of land just up 22 past the grocery store. It is an outdoor sculpture garden of sorts, with all kinds of structures made of found objects. The artist, an older man, was there when we arrived, welding together a new piece of art. We trudged around the muddy grounds investigating all the works of art and picking out our favorites. You were both captivated by all the eccentric sculptures. We then snuck into the indoor studio and took a long look at the artist's paintings. On the way home, Lila said "I am going to make a sculpture when we get home!" and when we arrived, you proceeded to draw the most elaborate and colorful peacock I have ever seen! Here's to new adventures, and to creating countless new works of art.

"Heart to Heart"

I love overhearing the two of you deep in conversation. Sometimes I can hardly believe I created these two beautiful little humans. You speak so seriously to each other, and I am always amazed at how much Logan understands at just two-and-a-half. He listens intently and always responds so earnestly to Lila. I hope these heart-to-hearts continue for as long as you have each other.


You and your sister are both very much going through an "I do it!" and "Can I help?" phase. I can tell it is such a period of growth and learning for you both. I think I was always much more of an observer when it comes to learning, so I love that you both are so eager to try something at least once (well, except when it comes to new foods!). On Saturday evening you helped Pops water the baby trees at the front of the property in Copake. Such a big bucket of water for such a little guy, but you were so proud to be helping. And likewise, I was very proud of you.

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