5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer to Document Your Family Vacation | NYC Vacation Photographer

Spring is headed our way, which means Spring Break is not far behind. Do any of you have travel plans for Spring Break... or for the summer? Have you ever thought about hiring a photographer to document part of your vacation - even just for a few hours? 

I am lucky enough to live near one of the greatest cities in the world and have spent a lot of time running around town, playing tourist in my free time. When I look back at all the amazing experiences I have had in New York City, especially when family and friends have come to visit - what I wouldn't give to have an album full of photos of our time together, with all of us included!

Does the idea sound intriguing to you? Read on.


1.  You can spend quality time with your family.

Are you guilty of getting distracted photographing the sights instead of being totally present? Forget about your camera, even your phone camera, and just enjoy being with your family. Let someone else record the memories for you. 

2. You can get in the frame, too.

As the resident photographer in our family, there are a lot of photos  that don't include me in them. I do my best to get in the frame when I can, but when I am walking around the streets of a big city with my family - I am too afraid to put my camera down somewhere and set the timer in case someone walks off with it! So what is the solution? Get someone else to take the photos of your family for a day. Have a record of YOU being there on the vacation, too! Think about how important it will be for your children in the years to come to see their WHOLE family together experiencing the trip. Do this for them. 

3. For once you will not be annoying family members by having a camera in their face at all times.

Do your kids get annoyed with you taking pictures of them? Mine do occasionally, for sure. And I definitely have memories of my siblings and I getting super annoyed with my dad for making us pose for pictures while we were on vacation. Sorry, dad! Think of a whole day being photographed for you, without your children getting annoyed with you! That's kind of big bonus, right?? Also, my approach to photography is completely documentary, so I will not be asking anyone to stop and smile for the camera (which let's face it, can definitely be irritating when you are in the middle of seeing something super cool in a new city for the first time!).  

4. Two words: FAMILY FILM. 

Family films are taking the family photography world by storm. Have you seen one yet, or had the opportunity to have one made of your family? These little micro-documentaries encapsulate a day with your family with not only images, but motion and audio as well - what better way to document a special vacation day with your family! These little films are such treasures, that bring you right back to how the day felt. Hire a filmmaker who specializes in these to make one of your family's travels! 

5. You'll get the inside scoop on all the fun places around town from a native.

A photographer that you hire locally is going to be able to give you lots of inside tips about the area that you wouldn't otherwise get from a travel book. I don't pretend to be the world's best tour guide, but I have spent many years exploring New York City, and many of my days in the Broadway/Midtown/Central Park area, so I can certainly give you some pointers of fun things to do and sights to see. I am also very familiar with the West Village/Greenwich Village area and may have led some of my clients to a pier down there one night where we witnessed the most amazing sunset complete with lightning storm across the river!! 

Me on a sailboat in the Hudson River in 2004.

Have I convinced you yet? 

If you are planning a visit to New York City or Long Island sometime in the near future, and you are interested in a vacation session for your family, please contact me and let's chat about it! I love showing visitors around the area, and documenting these memories for you. And if you are a local, but are thinking about a "stay-cation" - a day trip into the city or to Coney Island or out east to the North Fork or the Hamptons, the same applies to you! I would love to document a day out with your family.

Francesca Russell is a documentary-style family photographer and filmmaker located in Garden City South, NY. If you'd like to see more of her recent documentary family photography, head over to her Facebook page or follow her everyday adventures on Instagram. If you are looking for a family photographer on Long Island or in the New York City area to document your family's story in photos or a film, please contact her for a session!