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We finally reached winter's end this week. We celebrated our Irish heritage with St. Patrick's Day and welcomed the Great Thaw. I look forward to less photographs taken indoors or outside in winter hats, and more of the great green outdoors. Welcome Spring!!


"My Role Model"

I love watching the dynamic between you and your friends as you grow and develop. Seeing how much you have opened up this year makes me so happy. I love how open and accepting you are with all the kids in your class. Any one of them can make you laugh. You don't have reservations with any of them. These are such excellent qualities to have - your confidence in yourself just shines. I hope you always hang on to that. I could learn a thing or two from you about interacting with people. I am always so reserved and skeptical until I get to know someone. I wish I could be so open and easygoing from the beginning, like you. I wish I could be more like you.

"You Will Move Mountains"

You are such an earnest, hard worker when it comes to creating or doing schoolwork. You listen quietly to the directions and then diligently set out to complete your assignments. You definitely have a perfectionist streak and you get frustrated when you make mistakes, but we are working on teaching you that making mistakes, and trying again, is how you learn how to do new things. I know it is such a hard lesson to learn - I still have trouble with it myself! But I also want you to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. And with the hard work that you put into everything you do, I cannot wait to see the mountains that you will move.

"Poop Corner"

The time is fast approaching for our last round of potty training in this house. In a way it will be bittersweet - another small step in the farewell to babyhood, but on the other hand, oh it will be nice to say goodbye to diapers! In the meantime though, while I wait for the warmer weather to begin the process, you enjoy your private time in the various hiding spots you've discovered and designated throughout the house. 

"Only Five"

A sleepy little lass on St. Patrick's Day. You are growing so fast now that sometimes I forget how tiring your busy days can be, and that you are still only five. It is in these moments of weariness, when your thumb creeps back to your mouth, that I see a glimpse of the baby still in you, and remember that in the grand scheme of things, you are still quite small. 

"Nana's House"

You two make yourselves comfortable immediately, putting your mark on Nana's tidy house by throwing the couch pillows everywhere, pulling out all the toys and raiding the hall closet for hats and scarves to dress up in. I bet that it doesn't seem like that long ago to Nana that Daddy and Dana were doing the same things. Maybe one day your kids will jump on this couch, too. This may seem like an ordinary day, an ordinary occurrence, but one day you'll look back at this photo and realize what a special place this was, just how much love grew out of this house, and how lucky you were to have such amazing grandparents that loved you so much.

"The Great Thaw"

This was taken on the very last day of winter. The melt has begun and blooms are beginning to emerge. We went to see the flowers at the nursery and to imagine what a few weeks into the future will look like. There will be sunshine. There will be color. There will be GREEN. There will be playground visits and much outdoor exploration. There will be vegetable planting, there will be bubble blowing, there will be backyard time. Spring, we will celebrate you with all of our being - we are ready!

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