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As if you couldn't tell in every single post I have written this winter, I have been looking forward to spring for MONTHS now. And it's finally here! Well, as soon as this snow melts it will be here anyway!

We have been cooped up in this house for so long that I am planning ALL THE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES for this coming season. Taking full advantage of the fresh, clean air before the summer humidity descends. To organize all the possibilities in my brain, I decided to write up a "Spring Bucket List" to have a solid go-to when one of the kids yells "What are we going to do today??!!". I'm sharing it with you today in case you are looking for ideas of things to do with your kids this spring on Long Island.

So here it is (in no particular order):


We love this place. I have been aching to go for months now. It is an old Gold Coast Estate located in Oyster Bay with beautiful gardens and sprawling grounds. I actually have yet to go into the mansion for a tour because KIDS but we usually bring a picnic and then run around all the gardens. We also love going to the Arbor Day Festival there every year.

It may not be warm enough to go to the actual beach yet, but we can certainly hit the boardwalk for some ocean air! I am actually excited to do some stroller walks with Logan in the afternoons since he is refusing to nap in his crib now - maybe the salty sea air will induce him to doze off in the stroller for a bit!

We were just at Hicks yesterday to check out the Flower Show, and I was wishing I could buy some pretty flowers for our porch. But then I remembered that I bought flowers too early last year, and then they froze when winter decided she wasn't quite over.  So I refrained from buying anything. Another week or two without snow though, and some flowers are coming home with me!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Our raised bed is a tad pathetic at the moment. Our veggies actually didn't do too well last year so I want to test the soil before we plant anything. Hopefully we can have some thriving tomatoes at least this year! And the rest of the backyard is a disaster area at the moment. We need to clean up so the kids have their outdoor playground back!

We've missed the Bronx Zoo this winter! We are looking forward to getting back there and seeing all our favorite animals. I love the gorillas! Which is your favorite?

We have never been to the Belmont Racetrack, and it is right down the street from us! The time has come. I think the kids would have a blast running around and checking out the horses.

We usually come here in the fall for pumpkins and the amazing corn maze, but I would love to see the farm in full bloom. On the agenda for a few weeks down the road! I am still in awe every time we go here that this farm is in New York City, y'all! There is a sheep shearing event on May 6th that I think we will try to go to.

I've been dying to try this creamery and its homemade ice cream since we moved here. We went over there once and it was closed. Time to try again! They are located in Rockville Center, and you can follow them on Facebook here.

I've driven by this farm in Malverne a zillion times and have always wanted to stop. At the very least I'd love to check out the farm stand and take the kids to their little petting zoo, but the Opening Day Earth Day celebration on April 22nd sounds like it will be fun, so I think we'll try to make it to that!

This is a place we haven't been to yet, but I keep hearing about all the great walking paths, so I'm eager to check it out!

* * * 

So that's our list! 

A couple of other tidbits for you - I recently discovered this site (and they have local Facebook groups too) called Hike It Baby - they have local chapters and they organize kid-friendly (and babywearing-friendly) hikes for families. I am really excited to check out some of our local hikes! Hiking was something I did a lot during my travels before kids and I have been waiting and waiting for my kids to get big enough to start going again!

Also - if you are a New York resident - now is the time to get your new Empire Passport! It allows you annual admission to all the New York State Parks and many Preserves! We get one every year and it pays for itself after a few trips to Jones Beach and Planting Fields.

Do you have a Spring Bucket List? I'd love to hear what you have planned! Tell me in the comments!

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