January & February Round-up of my Favorite Reads from Around the Web | NYC Photographer

It has been a while since I've done a round-up of my favorite internet links! The internet has been so inundated with politics lately that I had to take a step back from it in order to save my sanity, but I do still follow a lot of sites and blogs that I love - lots of fascinating and informative information about photography, food, parenting and local gems. My intent is to continue doing one of these "round-ups" of my favorite recent links once a month. The beginning of this year got away from me with sick kiddos and the like, but I am ready to catch up with you all today!

I'd love to hear what your favorite blogs and websites are! I really miss the heyday of blogs - there are still some good ones out there, but not nearly as many as 10 years ago. So tell me what you love to follow in the comments!

Okay, so without further adieu, here you go!

These portraits that show celebrities' public and private personas are really interesting. Which do you think is which?

Traveling with my kids is something I would really like to do because I think it makes for more adaptable, flexible, open people. Here are 5 tips to make your family travel dreams come true.

After 31 years on the police force, this SFPD officer became the official historical photographer for the SFPD. Fascinating photographs!

We still have two weeks left of winter, and snow possibly heading this way this weekend... here are the best hot chocolate spots in Manhattan!

Interesting read about "the bookend method" in street photography.

A couple of new microphones announced by Rode!

Sometimes doing an activity that doesn't seem super productive actually opens you up to be open to new ideas.

Photographing the president: looking back at every White House photographer.

It seriously pains me that I have no free time to read a book anymore. This podcast episode looks so good ("Books so good you'll forget you have a phone"). I'll keep it bookmarked until both my kids are in full time school :)

Some good tips for self-care amidst this crazy political climate.

40 of the best street photographs from around the world.

Bullet journaling with a planner: this is exactly what I do, and with this exact planner!

Highlighting women in photojournalism.

5 unique ways to display your photos in your home. I love these!!

I am so in awe of Xanthe Berkeley for documenting two years of weekends in beautiful mini films! What an inspiration!!

Another awesome Eric Kim blog post about shooting depth.

Pixar has a free storytelling workshop!

Anyone else curious about what an instagram pod is? Well here's the deal.

2016's best mirrorless cameras for video production.

For those of you working on SEO: how long does link building take to influence your Google ranking?

I just started watching the Netflix series Abstract - have you seen it?

To celebrate International Women's Day: 30 female photographers to watch.

Six secrets of shooting for stock photography.

And that's what I've got for you this time around! I hope you all are hanging in there these last two weeks before Spring. We are getting snow tomorrow!! No!!!

Have a great afternoon, everyone!

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