52 Weeks of Portraits | Long Island Family Photography

A little background about this project: my 52 Week Project is a portrait project that documents the growth of my children. For each of their first years, I did a photo a day project of each of them... this is a simpler continuation of that. One portrait a week for the year - not your typical "sit and smile at the camera" portraits, but "environmental portraits" - photographs of my children, taken in their element, documenting this moment in their lives.

I try to write a few short words about each child under their portrait to record any details or milestones of the week.

This project was inspired by a gorgeous blog called You Are My Wild

At the end of each year, I make a memory book of the year's portraits.

Logan - Age 2, Week 42

It's so funny to hear your little voice, so expressive already at two-and-a-half. You understand and convey so much, even saying words and expressions that surprise me with their maturity. You run with the big kids, and you mimic a lot. You also remember a lot. I am so used to you speaking on par with the pre-K kids that it makes me laugh extra hard when you mix things up in a funny way. Like the other day when we were driving to speech, you told me, completely seriously:  "Mom, I have to go to the dentist because my butt hurts." 

Lila - Age 5, Week 20

We had our first real full-fledged warm Spring day yesterday. We pulled all the bikes out into the driveway and you practiced riding them. You and Logan drew elaborate chalk designs on the front walkway and blew bubbles for almost an hour. We pulled a big blanket onto the lawn and had a picnic of snacks. We gathered all the sticks that had blown down onto the lawn from our tree all winter, and we made a giant pile. We planted pansies in the pot on the front porch and put up some Easter decorations. And after we were done with all that, we walked to the park and stayed there until dinner. It was about as perfect a day as you can get.

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