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I can't believe we are already at the last week of April! I was telling Lila about all the events planned over the next few weeks, and between birthday parties and field trips and kindergarten screenings... I realized that school will be out in just a few short weeks! The weather has been rainy and gray here, but as I keep telling Lila and Logan, all the rain is helping the trees turn green. As I sit here typing right now, I see the lilac starting to bloom along the side of the house, which makes me pretty happy! 

Here are a few stories from our past week.


"My baby"

Eric thinks I am a total pushover when it comes to this kid. I can't help it. He's my baby, and he is a total mama's boy. When he says he NEEDS me, I believe him - even when it is multiple times a night. His sleep is getting better, and lately I've just been putting him in bed with us when he wakes up around 4 or 5am. Full confession: I actually love waking up next to him. It is such a short time that they need us this much, I want to savor it while I can. Funny thing is, when I spent the night away a few weeks ago, Eric admitted that he let Logan sleep with him that night. So who's the pushover now, huh?


It's been amazing to watch your growth this year, emotionally and physically. We went to the zoo last week, and you climbed this spider web like it was no big thing. In mere seconds. On previous visits, you were tentative and needed help. Now with your confidence and strength, you can climb it all by yourself with no trouble at all! I am so proud of all the hard work you have done in your therapies this year. The progress is showing in so many ways. 

"Rain, rain go away"

That face right there sums it all up. Yes, sun we are ready for you to stick around. Enough with all the teasing, okay??

"A Gift"

The after dinner walks and trips to the playground are back! (Well on the dry nights anyway). It is so nice to be breathing in fresh air, and the day ends on such a content note. I can tell that the two of you are happier and energized. We all are. Spring, you are a gift.

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