I Screwed Up. | Long Island Family Photographer

I missed Lila's kindergarten screening yesterday. I had written down it was on Friday - it wasn't. It was yesterday. I screwed up. The school tried to call me twice and I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. By the time I listened to my voice mail it was too late to get to the school, and now she won't be assessed until summer. 

Well, this sort of sent me off into a tailspin of "WHY?" How did I mess this up? And the reason is, because my mind is in a zillion different places. I am not really present right now. When I am walking around the block with my kids after dinner, I am thinking about all the tasks I need to accomplish after they go to bed and before I fall asleep with my head on the computer. When Logan wakes in the middle of the night to nurse, I am checking Instagram to make sure I "engage" with all the comments on my photos. I am checking into Facebook groups while I am sitting in the speech therapist's office to make sure I am maintaining a "presence" in the photography community.

It's driving me nuts. All this "busy work" that is such a big part of owning a small business. It's not even the fun stuff - the actual sessions, or editing your photographs and films into a finished product - its the pressure of feeling like I constantly have to be a presence on social media or my business will be out of sight, out of mind. It's not even the part of "work" that pays me a paycheck!

My word for the year is "intentional" and I feel like I haven't been very intentional as of late. I am letting the "peer pressure" of the industry drive me to spend way too much time on things like posting to Facebook and Instagram everyday - and I don't really think these actions are bringing me business....so why am I letting myself be a slave to them??

So, I've decided to cut back. I am taking a look at my blog and re-working my posts here so that I am writing about things that I find interesting and not a slog, and hopefully you will too. I recently took on a "100 Day Project" of experimenting with photography, and I am letting that go... at least the rigidity of numbering it day to day. I would still like to continue with the intent of it, but I will post when I feel moved to and not beat myself up to shoot everyday. 

As far as engaging with potential clients, I want to build my mailing list and communicate with you directly through my newsletter - I feel like this is the best form of communication I have going with my clients right now, and this is where I want to focus my energy... not spending money on Facebook ads that go nowhere. So, if you are not already on my list - please sign up for updates! I am hoping to put out a newsletter monthly. And I would love to hear if there is any particular content that you would like me to touch on - so let me know!

I hope to spend the summer photographing my kids, and getting back to making films of our family. Enough of the busy nonsense-work, and back to actually shooting and creating. I am even aiming to lock my computer up one or two days a week and not touch it all (let's see if I can actually do that - haha!)

I am feeling less stressed already, and I hope you'll continue to follow along with me, even if I am posting less frequently.

Here is what I was doing yesterday when I should have had Lila at her kindergarten screening. I took the kids to pick flowers (aka weeds). They loved it. In retrospect, maybe missing the screening wasn't the worst thing in the world after all.

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