Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

The April showers and blustery winds have followed us in to May but the sunshine has been fighting its way through the clouds for at least a few hours on most days. It is so nice to be fully immersed in Spring - our tree outside, always the last on the block to bloom, is completely green, and the lilacs along the side yard are bright purple and smelling sweet.

After a fourth visit to the pediatrician last week, we finally got some antibiotics into Logan by way of an injection in the butt, but the very next day his eyes were clear and he was feeling much better. He has a follow-up for his ear on Thursday. We are all sniffling, as the wind is not helping with the abundance of pollen in the air, but I'll take it over the dark of winter any day.

On Monday I knew Logan and I both needed some fresh air in our lungs, so after dropping Lila at school I drove over to Jones Beach for a walk along the boardwalk. It was empty there. The sea air felt so nice. 

On Tuesday I had to go to Lila's "class coffee" where the nursery school director talked to us about our children's current development and about kindergarten readiness. After that I took Logan back to the pediatrician where they finally gave him a shot of antibiotics. Poor kid. We drove around "looking at houses" afterward. I've learned in the past few weeks that if I take Logan for a drive in the car or a walk in the stroller I can get him to nap in the afternoons. So that day, it was a drive. Worked like a charm!

Getting one-on-one time with Logan has been pretty nice, I have to say, while Lila is in school. He's a pretty independent, self-sufficient little guy and entertains himself quite well. That doesn't mean I don't still enjoy it when he takes a good nap, though!

A couple of shots from an afternoon with Logan: some screen time, and practicing going potty (he hasn't quite figured out that the diaper has to come off to make it a total success).

The best thing about the warmer weather has definitely been all the opportunities to get outside to the playground. The kids' moods are so much better when they get oodles of outdoor time. The living room and the TV turn them into grumpy lumps. Outside is the best medicine.

And nothing signifies spring more than a new bubble machine, am I right?

On Thursday Lila's class had a field trip to the Science Museum of Long Island. They attended a presentation that taught them about a few different animals, and then they were able to pet all of them - including a chinchilla and a snake! I was really proud of Lila for petting everything, even the reptiles, which the night before she had claimed she was terrified of.

It rained all day Saturday but we made the best of it by going out to lunch, to the library and out for ice cream. On Sunday we went to the playground in the morning and then went and bought vegetables to plant in the backyard. It was a low-key Mother's Day. I was just glad to sit outside for a bit in the afternoon. The rain we were supposed to get held off.

And that was how our week shaped up. A pretty good one! Hopefully this week the allergies will hit the road and the temps will warm up just a tad. We have weekend plans with Lila's best friend to finally exchange Christmas presents! 

Wishing you all a great week!

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