Snapshots of Our Week | Family Documentary Photographer on Long Island

Headed into May's home stretch. There are only a few more days of school left, which seems crazy. This year flew by. I can't believe Lila's time at nursery school is almost over! She has grown by leaps and bounds this year - it has been pretty awesome to watch. 

Something I will not miss is all the time we have spent at Kidz Therapy this year - although the work Lila has done in PT and speech has been phenomenal. Logan and I have had quite enough of sitting in the hallway waiting for Lila three times a week though! We have been sneaking out to the mall on Tuesdays. Sshhhh! Don't tell!

We had a couple of REALLY hot days this week - the temps got up to 90. And our air conditioner wasn't working! Luckily it cooled down at night but whew! A steamy couple of days!

The playground outings continue... Lila is always so upset when there aren't other kids on the playground to play with. It's amazing to me how outgoing she has become!

On days that we have been at home, the kids are getting better at entertaining themselves and playing with each other. I want to seriously cut back on screen time this summer so this is a good start. We got too dependent on it this past winter!

I took this on one of the very hot days last week. Our room was cooler than the living room, so Logan watched TV from our bed.

On Saturday, we were back at the playground. Thank goodness it cooled down significantly that day!

On Saturday afternoon we FINALLY had our "Christmas party" with Lila's best friend Coco and their friend, Aman. I can't believe we had to cancel this twice, finally making it happen in May! The kids missed each other so much and it was so fun to see them all together again. 

On Sunday we went back to the playground in the morning, and then to Target and out for ice cream in the afternoon. We finished off the day with a walk to Adelphi to see the bunnies after dinner. A nice end to the week!

Adelphi had some new art on campus... like these giant Peeps!

And that was our week - busy, but fun! Next up, Memorial Day!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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