Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Storytelling Photographer

Oh boy, it was a doozy of a week. Lila spent last Sunday in bed, so we headed to the pediatrician's office first thing Monday and she was given a strep throat diagnosis. I think she must have had a virus on top of the strep though because she was so rundown all week and coughing so much. She basically stayed camped out on her mattress in the living room all week, except for venturing out for a few hours for her class picnic on Thursday and her pre-K graduation on Friday.

We were going stir crazy by Tuesday so I took Lila and Logan out for a walk in the stroller to get some fresh air  - they both fell asleep and it was almost five o'clock! Needless to say, it was a very late bedtime that night.

More sleeping on Wednesday...

On Thursday I knew I had to get Lila to her end-of-the-year class picnic. She had been on antibiotics since Monday so wasn't contagious anymore, but was still feeling pretty tired. She was excited to see her friends though, and Logan was ecstatic to get out of the house. Plus it was his birthday! One of Lila's friends even got him a gift!

Logan got mad because I wouldn't let him climb through the fence.

After lunch and playground time, the class mom organized some games and races. Tug of war was epic! Even Logan joined in! (the girls won!)

On Thursday night Nana and Pops came over for dinner to celebrate Logan's birthday. He was so excited when he unwrapped the blue scooter they bought him!

Friday was pre-K graduation!! All the feels as my girl got her diploma. She is so ready for kindergarten, but she will miss her beloved nursery school.

After graduation we went home and Lila opened a few presents from her Nana. It was beautiful out that night so we spent some time in the front yard after dinner. I love the evening light.

The weekend consisted of more rest. We went to the playground for a while on Saturday but by the time we got home, Logan had a fever. Another one down for the count! 

Thank god for the Tony Awards for a little distraction Sunday night! I took Logan to the doctor today and he doesn't have strep, so here's hoping everyone is healthy ASAP!

And that was our week! I can't wait to start getting out and about with the kids and crossing some things off our Summer Bucket list. Enough of being stuck in the house already!

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