Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photojournalism

This week was the first real week of summer for us since Lila is finally done with school. She still has another week of speech to go, so we are not totally schedule-less yet, but getting close!

We are still all muddling through whatever this sinus thing is - allergies? A cold? Who knows. I took Logan to the pediatrician on Monday for a strep test since he had a fever over the weekend, but thankfully he tested negative. Then I had to take him back Tuesday for his well check. Poor kid. He is so over the doctor at this point. He cried all through the well check, even though it was a super easy one with no shots. Both kids are on two allergy pills a day, so hopefully all the congestion will go away soon.

Once we got through the doctors' visits at the beginning of the week, things started looking up. We have been having lots of grey rainy days lately, but intermixed with some sunshine, so we are taking every chance we can to get outside. The kids got a stomp rocket and have been having a blast playing with it in the front yard. Believe it or not, we have only had one rocket casualty so far! 

I'm taking a children's portraiture class at the moment, so I've been torturing Lila and Logan by making them pose for my homework assignments :)

There have naturally been lots of playground visits.

Somebody has her first loose tooth!

We spent one lovely evening running around Adelphi in search of bunnies. 

Saturday was my birthday and it rained all day. To get out of the house I decided to take the kids to IKEA to jump on the beds and couches. I bought myself a little table and chairs for the front stoop and then we stopped by Trinity to see Eric. He's been working on a series of dance recitals there. The kids had fun hanging out in the booth and then playing onstage. 

On Sunday Eric had to work again, so we went to a new playground on the other side of town and then walked a bit around a bird sanctuary I just found out about that is ten minutes from our house. It was so pretty in there! 

And finally, a little Sunday night bubble action at home :)

And that was our week! This week is going to be a good one - Granny and Pea arrive on Saturday and Logan's birthday party is Sunday.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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