Snapshots of Our Week | Summer on Long Island

This week was a good one. Summer finally settled in. Lila finished up her speech classes and we said goodbye to Kidz Therapy forever! I am grateful for all the guidance and support Lila received from the awesome therapists there, and the progress she has made this year is incredible. However, I am also pretty happy that Logan and I don't have to sit there and wait for her in the hallway three times a week anymore! 

The weather cleared up and we spent many beautiful days at the park. And our central air finally got fixed - woohoo! We had been using my old window units from my Manhattan apartment, and although they were keeping us blessedly cool, oh man, the noise! I am so relieved to have our relatively quiet central air working again!

We drove over to the Roslyn Duck Pond one day just to do something new. I think the last time I was there Lila was still a baby. The kids had fun on the playground, and although Lila didn't appreciate dodging all the goose poop on the pier, I think she and Logan enjoyed checking out the pond as well. There was one aggressive goose who made a beeline to them from across the pond looking for food. 

After visiting the ducks, we went over to the playground at Gerry Park. It was hot, but the kids had fun.

The day the A/C guy came to fix the central air, the kids wanted to paint. I couldn't let them into the basement (where they usually paint) because he was working down there, so I quickly came up with the idea to paint outside. Best idea ever! Who cares if paint drips on the ground?? So much better having the mess outside!

Friday was the first of the Friday Night Promenades, where they close the main street down in town and a band plays, everyone dines outside and the kids get balloons and their faces painted. Lila and Logan enjoy these nights - I do, too. It's fun to see everyone in town come out. Living in the suburbs, so often people stay closed up in their houses - its nice to see everyone come together once a week during the summer!

On Saturday, Granny and Pea arrived - and Lila's first tooth fell out!!

On Sunday we celebrated Logan's third birthday with a family barbecue. It was so nice getting together with everyone!

Pops brought one of his Camaro's over, and the kids had fun sitting in it before the party.

And that was our week! We are headed out to the North Fork this week for a few days to explore and see the lavender fields. Should be another awesome week!

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