Snapshots of Our Week | Summertime on Long Island

We started out the week heading out east to visit Lila's friend Coco and her family for the day. It was great to see the Capaldi clan and hang out in their amazing yard and cool off with a swim in the pool. I always bring my underwater housing with me when we go to their house in the summer as it is one of the only opportunities I really get to use it! Both the girls (Coco and Luna) are little fish in the pool. After visiting with them I have gotten Lila to tentatively agree to taking swimming lessons so that she can go in the deep end like her friends!

Lila did eventually get braver, with the help of her puddlejumper and Logan was a good sport. He's not a fan of the water, but he did sit on the steps for a while, and then was content playing with the water table next to the pool.

We are looking forward to going back soon!

Back at home, we have to be content with our kiddie pool and the sprinkler :)

The weather has been pretty darn hot, so although we are still visiting the various playgrounds a lot, the kids don't last long before "needing" to go and get ice cream. 

We went and got the car washed later in the week. The kids are obsessed with watching "the show"!

On Saturday, cousin Lucy arrived! (along with her mom and dad - my sister Becky and her husband Dave). On Sunday we went over to Sands Point Preserve to go to the beach. There was a lot of seaweed in the water, so we didn't swim much, but the kids had fun building an epic sand castle. We weren't paying very close attention and suddenly realized the tide had come in and our exit was now underwater! And I had the double stroller with me! We finally found a way out up a broken staircase and had to lift the stroller over a fence to make an escape, but luckily we weren't trapped!

The kids had fun tormenting Dave before we got back in the cars and headed home.

After we got home from the beach, the girls wanted to go in the sprinkler, so ... wish granted!

And that was our week!

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