Favorite Summer Toy | Stomp Rocket!

There is one toy that my kids have consistently asked to play with this summer: Stomp Rocket.

We bought one at the beginning of the summer and it has without fail, been taken out every night after dinner to play with on our front lawn. Both Lila and Logan enjoy it (and I kinda think its fun, too!). We've created targets for the rockets - from the kiddie pool, to the car door to the upstairs window, and Lila and Logan have fun challenging each other to hit the targets. We have landed a few on the roof... and a few in the neighbor's yard, but surprisingly have so far only lost three rockets! (they are very inexpensive to replace).

We have the Junior Stomp Rocket and for under $15, this thing is SO worth it! The base is a little flimsy, so we reinforced it with duct tape, and I bought a couple of additional packs of rockets. If you are looking for birthday gift, this is the thing to buy! I can definitely see my kids enjoying the Stomp Rocket for a few more years.

It has been a great excuse to keep the TV off after dinner every night and go back outside to play. I am going to miss our nightly Stomp Rocket challenges come fall when the sun sets earlier!

Stomp Rocket: Official 2017 Summer Toy of the Saccoccio Household.

A little film I made in June that features the Stomp Rocket.

This post is not sponsored by Stomp Rocket - we just LOVE it and wanted to tell you about it!

What toys or activities were favorites of your kids this summer?? Tell me in the comments!

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