Snapshots of our Week | Last Days of Summer on Long Island

The days are growing shorter and the school supply lists have arrived. We were sitting outside last night lamenting the sunset at 7:30pm. The summer really has just flown by and I am starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach as I anticipate the impending fall and winter ahead. I am not ready for the "gloomy season" to be here just yet. I am re-reading "The Happiness Project" and making plans for a "Winter Happiness Project" to help get me through. I have loved spending so much time outside this summer and the thought of being confined to the house for the winter is stressing me out a little. I think I'll spend the fall making our house a little cozier. Plants! I need plants!

We had a grey, rainy day on Monday, so what better outing but IKEA? We needed to pick up a bunkbed for the kids, so off we went.

Waiting outside IKEA for Eric.

Looking out at the rainy street in front of IKEA.

More waiting... 

Taking a break in the warehouse.

Their reward for being good shoppers.

Another big shopping trip this week: Target for school supplies. I can't believe I have a kindergartner in the house!! 

Logan has started to carry a little purse around with him everywhere. It cracks me up - especially what he decides is important to put inside it everyday. Today he NEEDED to bring 4 magnetic letters and a stuffed cell phone to Trader Joes. Okay!

On this week's edition of "What's in Logan's bag?"...

Dirty summer nugget toes = my favorite.

Two teeth down!

We are still enjoying the Stomp Rocket every night after dinner. Seriously, best toy ever. If you don't have one - what are you waiting for??

Ready for launch.

Collecting all the rockets.

Not sure this is going to work...

On Wednesday morning I spent some time photographing Logan in his crib. I knew the crib was getting packed up the next day to make way for the bunkbed and I wanted some images to help remember when Logan was once this small. Definitely bittersweet. 

We set the bunkbeds up on Thursday. The kids LOVE them. Logan slept 12 hours straight without waking that night! They have so much more space in their room now, too. It's a win win all around!

Logan has finally figured out how to steer his scooter and now he is a scooting maniac!! We've been having fun scooting around the block - Nana took him to the bike store to get a helmet on Friday because this kid is dangerous!

I spent both Wednesday and Saturday in the city. On Wednesday I saw "Dear Evan Hansen" (so good!) and then began training at "Hello Dolly" (I'll be subbing there as a stage manager). I did two more performances of "Hello Dolly" on Saturday and met up with my cousin Lauren, who was in town visiting, in between shows for dinner. It was so good to see her - I think it had been at least 15 years since we last saw each other!

I took a few street photographs while I was there.

Lila and Logan have been obsessed with trying out different playgrounds this summer. On Sunday they begged to go to another new one. I am running out of options here! We got in the car and drove to Jones Beach. The playground I was thinking of was closed for renovation, but we found another one near the Nikon Center and a little bay of water that was perfect for getting our toes wet. Logan is terrified of big waves, so the little bay was great - he and Lila collected shells and cooled off after running around the playground in the hot sun.

Playing on the playground at Jones Beach.

Collecting shells at Jones Beach.

Lots of kids out playing in the water.

And finally, this week's portraits.

Lila - Age 5, Week 40

Logan - Age 3, Week 10

And that was our week! What fun things did you with your family this past week? I'd love to hear!

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