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Here we are - in the final week of August already! It's amazing how fast this summer has flown by. We were still upstate in Copake on Monday and for some reason not too interested in the eclipse. The kids wanted to go to the lake, and since I hadn't bought any solar glasses, I didn't tell them what was going on because I didn't want them to stare at the sun without eye protection. We went to Lake Taghkanic for most of the day and enjoyed swimming and the mild weather. It was perfect. We did see a few people with solar glasses and a few contraptions made out of boxes, but for the most part, everyone at the lake was more interested in getting their swim on than watching an eclipse. 

A few other random photographs from Copake...

Eric and Logan at dinner one night at Four Brothers (a pizza place).

Excavating a huge pile of who-knows-what from the pond.

Dinner at Dad's Diner.

On Tuesday morning we snuck in a visit to Copake's playground before hitting the road to head home to Long Island. Lila was in a pouty mood, but Logan had a great time.

A little boy swings on the swing.
A little girl pouts next to a tree at the park.

We were back at home on Long Island by Tuesday evening, and we continued the tour of local playgrounds the following day. I wonder how many hours we have spent at playgrounds this summer??? This time we headed back to Eisenhower Park to ride scooters and check out a new-to-me playground near the pool. I loved the vibrant color of this one, and the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves made it even better!

Back at home, life pretty much looks the same as it has all summer - stomp rockets, front yard chillin', and zoning out with devices :)

We realized late in the week that we hadn't been to the community center park for a while (we call it "the baseball fields") - so we headed over there with the scooters. It's pretty nice to have two kids that don't absolutely require a stroller anymore (although we do still use it a lot). They had fun scooting around the pathways there and exploring areas (like the hockey rink) that we hadn't been to in a few months. 

Kids sit at the top of a bank of bleachers.

On Friday Lila was so happy to see her friends from nursery school  again - we had a "reunion playdate" at her friend Sam's house, and it was attended by 5 or 6 other kids from her class two years ago at GCNS. She had such a good time catching up with everyone. And I had a good time seeing all the moms! Plus it gave us an excuse to day drink :)

Most of the weekend I spent working in NYC while the kids were with Nana. I had two shows at "Hello Dolly" on Saturday and one on Sunday. Although it's "work" - I love being around other grown-ups, and the dinner between shows on Saturday, where I didn't have to prepare food for anyone else and could just sit and read by myself? Blissful.

After the matinee on Sunday, it was back home to these two.  Although it's nice to get a break from the mom life for a bit while I'm at work, I do miss them a lot when I am away!

This week's portraits:

Lila - Age 5, Week 42

Logan - Age 3, Week 12

And that was our week! 

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