Snapshots of Our Week | Hello August!

Another week of summer is in the books. I can't believe August is already here!

We had a beautiful beginning to our week as we were up in Copake and the weather was sunny and gorgeous. We spent Monday at Lake Taghkanic. Little fish Lila would not get out of the lake! We even convinced Logan to come in and cool down. It was really an idyllic day. One of those days that makes me wish that summer would never end! 

If I could move in to this porch permanently, I would.

The kids are pretty content to just hang at "the house in the woods" - we get quite a bit of R&R tine in when we are in Copake.

On Tuesday we went over to the local swimming hole, the Ore Pit, where again, we could not get Lila out of the water. She stayed in until her fingers turned purple! Logan, on the other hand, was content to stay on the grass. He did venture into the water once or twice, but was not as big a fan as he was at the lake the previous day.

We celebrated Pops' birthday while we were in Copake. The kids baked a cake for him.

I drove home on Wednesday with the kids because Thursday they both started gymnastics! It was a pretty good debut for both of them. It was definitely hard for Lila physically, but she was a total champ and powered through. Logan saw the trampolines and basically refused to do anything else until he was allowed to jump on them, but he said he had fun and wants to go back next week, so I'm calling it a win.

At home we are enjoying the slower pace of summer.

Stamps on his feet from gymnastics.

On Friday we went back to the new playground in Rockville Center. This time we brought swimsuits and Lila went in the spray area. She had a blast. We were at the playground for three and a half hours! I could not believe it! It really is an awesome park though - highly recommend if you are in the area!

On Saturday I had a full day photo session, but on Sunday we hit the playground circuit again! We ended up at Christopher Morley park this time, which we hadn't been to since before Logan was born. The kids gave the playground two thumbs up!

We finished off the week with some Sunday night scooting!

This week's portraits for my 52 week portrait project, documenting my kids every week with a documentary portrait:

Lila - Age 5, Week 39

Logan - Age 3, Week 9

And that was our week! 

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